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1. PAASCU Accreditation Briefing

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When you are accredited, it means that your standards are beyond what is the established standard. We'd like to say that Ateneo has not only met the minimum, but that we have also exceeded the minimum standards of an educational institution. The school usually shows its best foot forward to show that we are a good school, if not the best. The visitors would like to expect that of us. They have already received a self-survey report which we have been preparing for. We were supposed to be visited last year.

Different set of accreditors. The instrument is different. The questions that will be asked of computer science students might not be the same as those asked of commerce students.

Three visiting teams for computer science. Group interview with students and faculty, including classroom observation. The full Wednesday will have observers measuring interaction and skill. Note: interactive class = teaching well?

That would be part of the classroom observation. In terms of the group interview, we may have representation from officers of the orgs, freshmen to seniors, and the two programs that are represented. The whole PAASCU visit covers administration, physical plant, community involvement, library and student services. They may ask you what other areas would you like to mention are strong in the university or weak in the university. Why did you choose Ateneo? What do you feel is the strength of the program? MIS is really a very pioneering program, I understand.

Community outreach.

student-centered learning - fit into the global reality - less of a lecturer, rather extract from students independent learning anything that deviates from the classic lecture and quiz thing

problem-based learning

Thursday 9:30 - 10:30