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15:00 CS21A
16:30 ThesisProject

1. Thesis demonstration

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I'm not really sure where to begin demonstrating what I've been working on. Unlike the other groups who are creating something new and easy to explain, I've been spending the last few months exploring a different way of life. My contribution to the computer science body of knowledge isn't some killer application or breakthrough theory, but rather experiments, documentation and incremental improvements.

My project is about wearable computing. I aim to show that it can be done inexpensively, using only off-the-shelf equipment and free software. To that end, I have been gradually adapting Emacs to wearable computing needs. Most of what I am demonstrating is not my code, but the use of it is uncommon even in the Emacs and Emacspeak communities, and so my contributions have mostly been in the form of documentation and patches. I have also become the official maintainer of planner.el, a text-based organizer for Emacs.

Since I've based my project off Emacspeak, a lot of things were instantly accessible. For example, I can easily check the time and date by pressing C-e t. Emacspeak also allows me to work with practically all modules in Emacs. Because this foundation is already quite good, I decided to focus on documenting its setup, demonstrating its usability and writing or improving upon Emacs features.

I have been using this to organize my notes, although in class I tend to turn off sound and use the keyboard in order to keep up with the teacher. School notes are organized by day.
Other information
Ateneo library books
More work to be done
Beautiful documentation =) get a serial to USB adapter so that I can use my phone again. solve APM kernel problems get wireless to work reliably, probably via cantenna

2. aha, remember works again

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3. Don't forget, we have class later.

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4. I vastly prefer twiddling with w my right hand. also, i hate it when it rains.

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5. congratulations for bpi awards

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ceremony on march 5 at 230 Escaler, SEC. parents invited.

6. Doc Mana is looking for a big reference book on finite simple groups.

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7. book in university of chicago. complete branc of mathematics group theory.

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8. talked to william and showed him emacspeak

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9. i actually managed to use my database and mail to help.

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9. wizard thing and package

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and online intro have you tried having roselle try it?