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1. Maybe I should use IMAP to store my mail locally.

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2. It's nice to review the objectives and expectations at the end of the semester.

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3. Coverage for final exam is just the bill of rights.

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4. [[OpenSourceInEducation]]

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5. Went to a peace rally.

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Think war will be disastrous for our economy, and that the US is being a warmongerer for somewhat less than charitable reasons. Note economic and political interests. Nothing like a good war for the US economy, after all. Convinced that US is exaggerating Iraq threat, considering US has far more military power (and apparently fewer scruples). Acknowledge that my understanding of international affairs is limited, but still think war is foolish. Cannot believe people are seriously considering it. Would rather have world populated by geeks.

Not looking forward to warmongering bluster and posturing, death, wanton destruction, skyrocketing oil prices, environmental side-effects, and other such things.

6. Conversation with Dexter

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Am borrowing Dune from Dexter. Had conversation with him spawned off wiki. I guess other people are reading this. Cool! =)