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A1XOutline for theology presentation
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Introduction Al al_siason@hotmail.com What is fidelity? Liam God's fidelity Our fidelity to God through the Church Our fidelity to God through our neighbors

Theology presentation: Fidelity

- How do we maintain our fidelity to Christ?

- Show how fidelity to Christ is expressed through fidelity in our

commitments to others and to the Church

What is fidelity?
God's fidelity
His relationship to Israel
Christ and fidelity
Our fidelity to God
Keeping promises submission to the ongoing process of conversion our tendency to fall away. t grace

like the way you commit to a friend - through the hard times and the good times

faithfulness to the others.

Fidelity to the Church
Fidelity to our neighbors

What about the Church?
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