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11:05 Th151 orals soc sci conference 2

association of the catholic universities of the philippines

1. Mike Chua : 15:01

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"It's a 16-way processor that allows you to consolidate your data center. I'm going to play with one of these!"

2. doc sarmenta has a sister.. : 15:51

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Clarissa. And she's coming to the open house. A freshman? Interesting. =)

3. cs161f exemptions : 16:23

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The following students can choose not to take the CS161 final exam: - 1. Francisco, Mike - 95.4 (A) - 2. Sy, Zach - 92.9 (B+) - 3. Bulanon, Geebee - 92.6 (B+) - 4. Tan, Abi - 92.4 (B+) - 5. Garcia, Toto - 91.9 (B+) - 6. Clarito, Ian - 91.8 (B+) - 7. Tipoe, Aldy - 91.4 (B+)

Notes: - 1. Those who are not candidates for graduation must attend the plenary sessions (Please inquire about the schedule from the CS department). The grades of these students can still be significantly changed by the requirements given during these sessions. - 2. Those whose names are not in the list of exempted students can request their current standing via e-mail: [email protected]

4. thesis requirements : 16:24

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CS197. Senior Thesis / Project Presentation Schedule of defense will be on March 3. 2003 from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM Requirements: Each group will be given 30 minutes for the presentation and defense proper. 1. Final paper (printed out) 2. Soft copy of project (CD) Kindly sign up at the department
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