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A1XPaper for Integrative Project, due 2003.03.03
Ateneo HS 92 yearbook
Jukka A. Holopainen

Jukka Holopainen (Ed. note: Yoo-ka-Ho-lo-pay-nen) is 4A's very own 5'6" (Ed. note: 5'4" without his Nike's), half-Finnish, half-Cebuano, fiery-tempered, opinionated, sharp-witted, mildly insane, immensely funny, nerd-jock. Let the eloquent words of the Best Debater speak for themselves: "I do not speak with an accent!", "I am not a BI!", "I am not shorter than Jude!" (Ed. note: he isn't). On the subject of grades: "Who cares!?" You don't want to know about his marks. This guy is a great asset to the team, the vaunted 4-A fastbreak relies on this guy's long passes. "VIK!!!" (Ed. note: said while throwing basketball down court). This guy has one of the best senses of humor in class, pestering teachers to no end with jokes and snide side comments. "Hah-hah!" Needless to say, Jukka is our good friend. No quote needed. TADA! Dramatic Finnish!

Roman Miguel G. De Jesus


ay isa sa apatnapu't lima
sa loob ng klase
ko nakilala.
Ika'y tila isang sekretarya
na nangungulit at nagpapaalala.
Sa kababawan ng barkada,
ikaw ang tanging naghahari,
laking-tuwang ngumingiti.
Higit sa lahat, ika'y maaalala
bilang kaibigan kong kasama
sa lagim ng problema.
Kaya nga't di kita malililimot.
Ikaw na nakaupo sa unang hanay,
si Miguel,
isa sa apatnapu't lima.