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A1XPrepare presentation for BPI Science Award
2:30 pm BPI Science Award presentation
BPI Science Award program

Invocation by Rev. Daniel J. McNamara S.J. (Chair, Department of Physics)
National anthem
Welcome address by Dr. Anna Miren Gonzalez-Intal (Vice-President for Loyola Schools)
BPI science awards video presentation
Remarks of circumstances by Ms. Maria Caridad Ibarra (Senior Vice President, BPI)
Introduction of the awardees by Dr. Fabian M. Dayrit (Dean, School of Science and Engineering)
Presentation of research papers
Sandra Jean V. Chua, Free Software for Eyes-Free Computing
Katrina Mona M. Santiago, The Characterization and Optimization of [poly (p-phenylene vinylene)]/[polyaniline- p-toluene sulfuric acid] (ppv/pani-tsa) film: a potential LED substrate
Presentation of awards by
vvMs. Maria Caridad Ibarra (Senior Vice President, BPI)
Ms. Virginia Cabrera (Vice President, BPI and Chairperson of BPI Science Awards)
Rev. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J. (President, Ateneo de Manila University)
Response by Denis Joseph C. Amparo, (V BS Physics CE)
Closing Remarks by Rev. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J.

Dr. Catherine Vistro-Yu (Master of Ceremonies)

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