1. Grades

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(/ (+ 4.0 4.0 4.0 3.5 4.0 2.5 2.5 3.5) 8) Well, I have relatively decent grades. C+ in both Pos100 and Th151, and I am _glad_ to have passed. B+ in CS197, which preserves my record and isn't too much of an embarrassment. And, wonder of wonders, an A in Ph104, although my classmates probably saw that coming a mile away. Not as stellar an accomplishment as that of quatro kids like Paul Echevarria, of course, but nice nonetheless because it leads to one important conclusion.

I will be graduating this March!

2. Places to live

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Since there are no mentor vacancies at the dorm, I'm looking for other places to live. My application for faculty housing is waiting for Dr. Sarmenta's signature, and Mae Sevilla says she's found an apartment for around PHP 5,500 for two people.

3. Planner improvements

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Mental note: Fiddle with Emacswiki's publishing so that it replaces bbdb URLs with links, preferably taken from the blog field (if it exists) or the web field of the corresponding record.

4. Interview notes

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Also, yesterday (Sunday, 9 March 2003) Joel, Julius and I (two other BPI science awardees) were interviewed on the "One-on-One Tayo kay Mar Roxas" radio program at the DZRH station (MB building, Star City). It was pretty fun. Turns out all three of us were planning to go into teaching, although the others saw it more as something to do while they figured out what they want to do with the rest of their life, and I think of it as the thing I want to do for the rest of my life.

5. Stuff to work on

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Stuff to work on: Adphoto web site. Yes, I will be dealing with front-end.

Darn, OpenOffice crashed while trying to deal with a PowerPoint file... Let me just export it to HTML first.

6. JM's Blog

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Been reading through JM Ibanez's blog. Cool guy.

7. RSS feed

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Mental note: I definitely want to figure out how to make an RSS feed for my daily notes, if only so I can (a) make indexbots lives' easier, (b) XMLize stuff so that other people can mangle it as much as they want, and (c) bask in the glow of geekness.

8. Journal versus blog

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This, apparently, is more of a journal than a blog, or at least according to how http://www.diarist.net/guide/blogjournal.shtml defines those terms. I am a diarist in * Notes, for the most part. I should look into cleanly separating it into, say, * Diary and * Blog - Diary would contain the personal stuff, Blog would probably contain quick annotated links.

Back to timestamped stuff, I suppose. Easier to mess with. I am aware of how disorganized my thoughts are, and should get into the habit of providing neat subject lines.

9. testing my resolve : 18:33

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We are testing my resolve to provide neat time-stamped and summarized journal entries. It's hard to do so - I feel the temptation to go on the wildest of tangents, like those Doc Mana is so fond of making...

10. adphoto website : 19:27

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First, that splash page has got to go.

11. got most of the images out : 23:00

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Darn Photoshop file confuses the heck out of GIMP, so I had to work on the Mac downstairs. Still, I discovered to my great joy that the Zip USB 250 drive works flawlessly on Linux. The last time I read the ZIP mini-HOWTO, it said that the 250 MB Zip drive was not supported. Now it is! I love Linux. I've been using the Zip drive to transfer files between the Mac (photo editing in Photoshop) and my Linux laptop (HTML editing in Emacs). Whee!