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A1XAdd a comment form to my wikijournal. (PlannerMode)
A2XSet up twig on the IntranetServer (IntranetServer)

1. e-mail intranet server finally set up! : 00:17

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Finally! I hit upon the magic combination of twig and cyrus-admin, and now the mail system works on the IntranetServer.

2. remember.el and rss feeds : 00:35

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brilliant idea: instead of parsing wiki pages to generate the RSS feed, why don't I just add a function to allow remember.el to save to rss feeds? That seems like a much better way to do it, because I can get more accurate timestamp information. Harder to edit and I'll need to remember to absolutize links, but it seems like a pretty decent workaround.

3. conversation with jerome : 00:38

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Finished talking to Jerome around an hour ago. I think we cleared up one of the misunderstandings we were having and are back to being friends. I shouldn't have to worry about inappropriate TLA-ness for now...

4. web hosting - kevin koyner : 08:51

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Kevin Koyner (kevin@rustybear.com) writes: I've been using Eryxma.com recently and have been happy with them. The thing I like the best is the plan that I have — it's called "Private Webhosting" — and while it is on a shared server, I get my own, virtually complete OS. So it's more like having your own machine. Cost — various plans, but even the low end at $52/year gets you 100 MB of space.

5. dani bunten, game designer : 09:08

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Richi Plana sends in a link to a Salon article on Dani Bunten, game designer and cool geekette. http://www.salon.com/tech/feature/2003/03/18/bunten/index.html?x

6. esr website : 11:54

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Incidentally, Eric S. Raymond's site is now at http://www.catb.org/~esr/ - noted here because I keep forgetting where it is.

7. rethinking IntranetServer application : 13:49

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Maybe this is something that can be handled by (gasp) Outlook or some iCal thing?

8. groupware on linux : 14:36

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http://nexist.sourceforge.net/groupware.html has a good list of available software.

9. back to the drawing board... : 16:39

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I've looked at phpgroupware, and I suspect that I'll have to do a fair bit of hackery in order to get what I want. Chances are that I'll end up writing a custom app instead. Let me quickly read the phpgroupware docs; maybe I can use those...

10. google tips : 20:10

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