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C1XFind out why emacs-wiki.el is double-publishing when I publish-on-save.

1. publishing my journal as an RSS feed : 12:54

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chrisb wrote in with a tip about Hugo's http://larve.net/people/hugo/2003/scratchpad/RssForEmacsWiki.html . emacs-wiki-rss.el makes very nice lists of the wiki pages I have, but I was thinking more of publishing each journal entry (like this one!) as an RSS item.

One way to do it is to parse all the day planner pages. I'd need to extract the timestamp, but that shouldn't be too hard because I've already been keeping track of that. I can call this after emacs-wiki-publish, or make it part of a wikipage without header or footer. Hmmm. I'll probably want to force absolute links, then. How do I do that? And I'll want to find out how RSS feeds deal with edits.

Another way to do it is to modify remember.el so that it remembers to an RSS file as well. This seems to make a lot of sense, too, and has the benefit of being able to publish in chronological order. However, if you edit the planner page, your changes won't show up in the RSS feed - which may or may not be a bad thing, after all.

I think hooking into remember.el might be fun.

2. RSS publishing with remember.el : 13:11

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- I need to have a "template", because I'm just going to insert text. - I need to update the timestamp of the RSS feed. - I need to compose the RSS item. - I need to insert it somewhere.

I wonder what RSS feed etiquette is. Should I make one huge RSS feed? Should I split it up by year?

3. lazyweb - many eyes make features shallow : 13:21

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"If you wait long enough, someone will write/build/design what you were thinking about." http://iawiki.net/LazyWeb

How did I get there? Google:RSS+blog+etiquette (such a strange query!) led me to http://www.openp2p.com/pub/a/p2p/2003/01/07/lazyweb.html, which links to http://www.blackbeltjones.com/work/mt/archives/000190.html, which wasn't very useful. Google:lazyweb got me http://www.lazyweb.org, though, which seemed to be the definitive resource, except it's somewhat broken and it looks like a not-quite-popular version of http://www.halfbakery.com. However, it did link to http://iawiki.net/LazyWeb, which is good enough to link to.

4. TrackBack : 13:43

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I should also think about trackbacks or some other way to let people who link to me let me know that they're linking to me...

5. lilo.conf and make-kpkg : 13:52

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Note: Do not edit /etc/lilo.conf, make the Linux image something else (/boot/bzImage instead of /vmlinuz) and still expect a kernel-image installation to do the right thing.

6. nintendo generation : 14:45

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Diane mentions the Nintendo Generation. Should be interesting - teaching tips?

7. swsusp still not working : 14:48

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Must find out how to debug...

8. QuickBooks, cost estimates and job orders : 16:30

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Hmm. I got fairly distracted back there. Started reading up on QuickBooks and trying to figure out how I can work with the cost estimates. I think, however, that I _don't_ have to worry about that right now. The problem that needs to be solved is this: it's hard to keep track of schedules. So that's what I need to solve first, before I start thinking about funky integrated intranet systems.

9. [[bbdb://aadisht][aadisht khanna]] : 16:34

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Aadisht, you are for some inexplicable reason the top search query that leads to my site, according to http://richip.dhs.org/usage/usage_200303.html . Most strange.

10. web site statistics : 16:42

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Fascinating. 479 hits for ~sachac/ ! Cool. I shall try my best to be somewhat interesting, then... ;)

11. [[bbdb://eric.vidal][eric]]'s siblings : 17:15

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"Jello's the jock, Jove's the lawyer. Joyce does architecture, Jaclyn does psych. And I'm Jay-jay."

12. benefactor : 17:17

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Ateneo Scholarship Foundation Escaler Hall, 3:30 Mass, followed by the program. Semi-formal. Bring a small gift.

13. thoughts for Ateneo : 17:38

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What can I give back to an institution that has supported me, formed me, taught me, and challenged me to realize my potential?

Thanks to Ateneo, I learned:

- That it's about people, not programs. - That what I learn and do outside the classroom can matter more than what I learn and do inside it. - That it's not enough to know just _how_ to do something, but I also need to consider _why_. - That I'll start college wondering why the heck I take up philosophy and theology, and

graduate realizing I wouldn't be the same without them. - That I should never stop learning. - That I should never stop doing. - That I should never stop teaching. - That I can make a difference. - And whatever I do, do it for others and for God.

I give you my gratitude and my thanks. But most of all, I would like to be able to give you, at the end of the day, a life well-lived.

14. PyMacs : 18:10

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On #emacs today:

solaries: is it still advantageous to learn elisp? I tried to do it, but if you always compare it to Python you don't find much incentive...
sachac: solaries: Incentive: you can't program Emacs in Python. ;)
resolve: , pymacs
fsbot: resolve, PyMacs is at http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?PyMacs
resolve: but yeah, learn lisp, it's fun :-)

I should stop making statements like that. "You can't program Emacs in Python." is like "You can't play Tetris in Emacs." Chances are, someone's implemented the most obscure or outlandish of features... ;)

15. scrabble : 22:24

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Well, off to play Scrabble by myself. Or something.