1. deleting messages after N days --- tips : 16:29

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I was somewhat apologetic about the lack of delete-after-N-days features in Linux mail clients, since my mom relies on that to keep mail volumes manageable and yet still be able to share mail with other people. Then a message on debian-user@lists.debian.org alerts me to the fact that some people use something like this in their crontab:
 #  m   h  dom mon dow command
 # auto archive debian-user messages over 14 days old
    40  8   *   *   *  archivemail -q -d 14 --delete imap://mrroach:password@okmaybe.com/INBOX.debian-user

I'll install archivemail on the Lifebook and see if it does the work...

2. custom binding : 20:50

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I have bound keycode 131 to ( and keycode 129 to ) on my jp106 keyboard. 131 is the muhenkan key to the left of my spacebar; 129 is the henkan key to the right. I've also bound keycode 120, which is normally supposed to toggle between katakana and hiragana, to F30. I might use this to toggle between dvorak and qwerty in the future. Stock dvorak or qwerty misplaces some useful punctuation...

3. harvey chua : 20:56

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My mom wants to make sure her friends find her e-mail and our website. Harvey Chua