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1. Elbert T. Or : 10:26

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Elbert T. Or writes in telling me that Marcelle had been "gushing about" OnLove, of all things. Elbert is into comics. His sig says that he's a freelance writer and illustrator, loves his palm m515 and palm keyboard, and has interests in history, literature, comics, and pop culture. He also happens to be Marcelle's history classmate.

2. killing flash plugin requests : 10:40

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In a thread on debian-user@lists.debian.org about disabling the annoying "Download Flash Plugin?" prompt, Karsten M. Self links to http://twiki.iwethey.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/UserContentCSS, which not only gets rid of all plugins but also "fixes a number of other web annoyances."

3. mail oops : 10:41

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Apparently, i-manila doesn't take -k very well. fetchmail kept fetching old mail again and again and again... Ooops, my bad. That's it; I'm flushing.

4. disabling plugin requests in mozilla : 10:42

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You can also delete libnullplugin.so in the mozilla plugins directory.

5. Linux accessibility : 10:44

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On the debian-user@lists.debian.org mailing list, Jerome Acks Jr. thinks that http://trace.wisc.edu/linux/index.htm is about the best Linux accessibility resource.

6. Gnus CVS for Debian --- emacs : 11:24

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Add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list
# For daily Gnus snapshots
deb http://people.debian.org/~srivasta ./packages/

Source: EmacsWiki:GnusCvsForDebian

7. Essay about Linux in University CS curricula : 11:44

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On the open-source-now-list@redhat.com, Dan Kegel links to his essay on the industry's need for graduates with Linux/OSS experience, and how universities can address that. The draft can be found at http://www.kegel.com/linux/edu/curriculum.html .

8. dvorakng - a dvorak typing tutor : 12:00

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The 2003.03.18 edition of Freshmeat news lists dvorakng, a GPL Dvorak typing tutor based on dvorak7min but with extra features. URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/dvorakng/

9. dasher and jogdial? : 12:04

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I wonder if there's any way of getting dasher to work with the Sony jogdial. That might be a nice input method I can use when I've got my left thumb on the mouse buttons and my right thumb on the mouse or jog dial...

10. pointless presentation package : 12:09

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http://freshmeat.net/projects/pointless/ is a text-source presentation package that might be worth looking into, although it's just on its first public release.

11. news.freshmeat.net : 12:15

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Google:gnus+freshmeat leads me to nntp://news.freshmeat.net, an NNTP server that provides Freshmeat news with the right subjects! Yay. I am definitely going to use this instead of the mailed digests, which have a nasty habit of piling up in my archives and are much less fun to browse through than a newsgroup...

12. "Hello, tech designers? This stuff is too small" : 12:37

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ACM TechNews links to http://www.usatoday.com/usatonline/20030304/4914082s.htm, an article about how small things are getting. Americans seem to not like the idea of tiny devices, but I certainly do! I'm typing this now on a Sony PCG-U1, which is among the smallest notebooks in the market. I've adapted to its keyboard, and am starting to find the P1110 keyboard a little too large. True, I'm still typing in QWERTY - have to do some tests to see whether QWERTY actually suits this computer better than Dvorak. I need both hands on the keyboard in order to type Dvorak - a consequence of having done Proper Training - but can cheerfully two-finger type QWERTY.

I'd love to have the ring-phone they described - "a receiver on one finger, a speaker on another and a wireless transmitter on the belt." As long as I never lose it, of course, and as long as the rings are _thin_. I don't wear rings because my fingers are small, and most rings tend to be fairly bulky. A bracelet, on the other hand - one that doesn't unclasp easily - or a watch... That'd be fun.

13. Finite-state automata in LaTeX : 12:43

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In a really old post on debian-user@lists.debian.org">debian-user@lists.debian.org (Jan 27 2003), Mark Zimmerman suggests the use of metapost to generate pretty finite state automata in LaTeX. Peter Jenke suggests xypic, which Nori Heikkinen likes.

14. Remote X terminals : 12:45

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The link for remote X terminals is http://www.linuxgazette.com/issue27/kaszeta.html

15. recentf.el and session.el --- emacs : 12:53

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On the help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org mailing list, Hans Larsen says that session.el replaced recentf.el a long time ago. I used to use recentf.el. Maybe I should check session.el out...

16. scroll / wheel mouse in Emacs --- emacs : 12:54

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According to fsbot on freenode#emacs, , wheel is

- http://koala.ilog.fr/colas/mouse-wheel-scroll/ - Put (mwheel-install) in .emacs

17. Info-goto-emacs-command-mode --- emacs : 13:30

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Useful Emacs documentation thing. See Info-goto-emacs-command-mode, normally bound to C-h F in CVS Emacs.

18. Emacs menu accelerators --- emacs : 13:33

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Jeffery B. Rancier's March 12 post on help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org has this useful LISP snippet for Windows Emacs users:
(defun jbr-w32-simulate-Alt-tap ()

(interactive) (w32-send-sys-command 61696)) (global-set-key [C-tab] 'jbr-w32-simulate-Alt-tap)

I wonder if there's a similar way to do that under GTK...

19. substring completion --- emacs : 13:38

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Le Wang mentions icomplete and mcomplete in reference to substring completion in a March 4 post on the help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org mailing list. Hmmmm. mcomplete doesn't seem to be built-in, but icomplete's there, and it's nifty. It's like ido handling of buffers and files. I like.

20. kana-kanji user dictionary for Japanese LEIM --- emacs : 13:41

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Charles Muller figured out how to add to the kana-kanji conversion dictionary - modify ja-dic.el and recompile.

21. eshell extensions --- emacs : 13:47

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In a March 6 post to the help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org mailing list, Romain Francoise mentions em-last.el, an eshell module that lets you cycle backwards through the argument list. http://orebokech.com/tmp/em-last.el