UP Computer Science Symposium

8:00 | 8:30 | Welcome Remarks, Dr. Ronald Tungol, Dept Chair 8:30 | 9:00 | Presentation of Asst. Chair, Dr. Cedric Festin 9:00 | 9:30 | Spamfilter 9:30 | 10:00 | ONS 10:00 | 10:30 | CAS 10:30 | 11:00 | FERAS 11:00 | 11:30 | FACES 11:30 | 12:0 | CRS2 13:00 | 13:30 | EBPS 13:30 | 14:00 | PHIC-IS 14:00 | 14:30 | UPCLS2 14:30 | 15:00 | MAT 15:00 | 15:30 | SRS Online 15:30 | 16:00 | BIDSter


Adviser: Professor Arnold Putong

1. EBPS: U.P. Expert Bidding and Procurement System

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Description: The Electronic Bidding and Procurement System (EBPS) is a web-based application that provides a more efficient, accurate and straightforward way of conducting bidding and procurement of goods and services. It is designed based on the general guidelines of bidding and procurement posted by the World Bank. It aims to solve the existing problems encountered in the SPMO's current bidding system. Group Members: Karen Dometita, Duane Magpali, Zaida Tercedo

2. CRS2: Computerized Registration System

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Description: The primary goal of the group is to Implement the CRS System in a Linux Redhat and PostreSQL platform. They will migrate the ASP pre-enlistment modules for freshman and regular students to JSP modules and provide a way for which authorized personnel could view/add/edit/delete data entered into the database. They will also provide ways to generate the students' Form5A using Jasper Reports. Group Members: Jeff Carreon, Darlene de la Cruz, Carla San Pascual, Peter Tongco

3. PHIC-IS: PhilHealth Insurance Corporation Information System

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Description: The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) is the corporation authorized by the law to administer the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) that will provide assistance to the citizens of the Philippines. The existing system of the PHIC is currently experiencing problems like voluminous transactions, weak security controls, lack of storage and manually tedious processes. With these problems, the group would design and implement some modules of the system that would be suitable for an efficient account management in a large integration system and a decentralized database that could handle a large number of data and voluminous transaction. The Membership, Billing and Collection and Claim Processing Systems are designed to provide solutions on the problems presented by the PHIC. The project would minimize time and effort, provide easier maintenance and stronger security controls on the whole process. Group Members: Evangeline L. Biteng, Norbert E. Cruz , Jacqueline A. Jurado, Mark Ryan Tan

4. BIDster: BIDster Peer-to-Peer Auction System

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Description: The BIDster Peer-to-Peer Auction System is an application that aims to provide students with a venue for procurement of various items. Items such as books, CDs, sample exams, concert tickets and the like may be sold or purchased using this system. Developed using Java on the Linux platform, users can utilize the auction system for transactions, both online and through mobile phone-based applications, thus making it versatile and efficient. The application will be all that is needed for users to communicate, and renders maintaining a website unnecessary. They will also be able to communicate directly with other peers, and be informed of similar announcements as posted by the administrators. Group Members: Kristoffer Carlo R. Camaclang, Paula Isabel C. de la Llana, Ryan R. Flores, Alvin Joseph L. Lazaro, Melissa A. Ramonolos, Sheila H. Santiago Adviser: Prof. Rommel Feria, CS198 W

5. UPCLS2: UP Computerized Library Systems 2

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Description: The UPCLS2 is the continuation of UPCLS, which started 2001 as a special problem for CS198. The main objective of this project is to provide the university its own computerized library system running on a free environment which has the capability of ensuring an automated library accounts with lesser cost than the current system they are using. Group Members: Achilles Taganas Dianopra, Mark Joseph Luna, Karen Lyndee Ching Chi Adviser: Prof. Rommel Feria, CS198 W