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15:00 Check on the KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed

15. kitten : 14:13

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Cross-reference: KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed#1

14. psychology of programmers : 14:20

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http://slashdot.org links to http://www.devx.com/devx/editorial/11659, an article that talks about "flow" and how to encourage programmer creativity. Pretty good suggestions, like letting developers pick their own desks and chairs. I hope managers read this and similar articles.

13. game blog : 14:21

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Again from http://slashdot.org:

http://www.corante.com/gotgame/ is a blog about the gaming industry. Eric and some other gamedev geeks might be interested in this. Related sites: http://www.gamegirladvance.com/, http://www.ludology.org/, http://konzack.blogspot.com/, http://www.costik.com/weblog/, http://www.popularculturegaming.tk/

12. eclipse ide : 14:26

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One of these days I should really try out Eclipse. Rumor has it that it's much like Emacs, but runs on Java.

11. open source courseware links from blogs : 14:44

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Cross-reference: OpenSourceCourseware#1

10. How Software Companies Die - Orson Scott Card : 14:47

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Looks like one of my favorite novelists has some insights on the software industry. http://www.netjeff.com/humor/item.cgi?file=DeveloperBees, from Google:orson+scott+card+software+companies, from a Slashdot comment on programmer psychology.

The humor collection linked to is also somewhat interesting.

9. completion on name of wiki page : 15:03

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Cross-reference: PlannerMode#9

8. curriculum review template created. : 15:23

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Cross-reference: CurriculumReview#1

7. comp.sys.wearables call for moderators : 15:57

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What, there's a comp.sys.wearables? Must head over to http://groups.google.com ...

6. filesets.el --- emacs: 16:06

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help-gnu-emacs@gnu.org, Thomas Link: filesets.el in CVS Emacs, and also at http://members.a1.net/t.link/CompEmacsFilesets.html . "filesets.el makes it easy to open frequently accessed files. In conjunction with external viewers for formats like PDF or HTML, filesets.el can be used to browse all your documentation."

5. Can IT Still Attract the Best and the Brightest? : 16:12

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From ACM Technews: http://www.newsfactor.com/perl/story/21095.html - "Far from draining the field of the most talented IT workers, there is a distinct possibility that the IT downturn may be weeding out less-qualified applicants."

4. Speech Synthesis : 16:16

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Making Computers Talk is a Scientific American article about developing speech synthesizers. You might also be interested in SALT, an XML standard for web-based voice interaction. Links from ACM Technews.

3. Gnus and duplicates --- emacs : 16:53

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I am very, very glad that Gnus can automatically delete duplicates with (setq nnmail-treat-duplicates 'delete) .

2. .htaccess and RedirectMatch : 17:10

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RedirectMatch permanent /~sachac/notebook/wiki/(.*).html /~sachac/notebook/wiki/$1.php

is a very funky .htaccess line that helps me deal with the Great Renaming.

1. [[bbdb://jm.ibanez][JM Ibanez]] tries out Emacs : 23:03

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Looks like UA&P geek JM Ibanez has taken the plunge! =) Welcome to the Emacs world, JM.