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15:00 Check on the KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed

15. kitten : 14:13

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Cross-reference: KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed#1

14. psychology of programmers : 14:20

Categories: None -- Permalink links to, an article that talks about "flow" and how to encourage programmer creativity. Pretty good suggestions, like letting developers pick their own desks and chairs. I hope managers read this and similar articles.

13. game blog : 14:21

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Again from is a blog about the gaming industry. Eric and some other gamedev geeks might be interested in this. Related sites:,,,,

12. eclipse ide : 14:26

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One of these days I should really try out Eclipse. Rumor has it that it's much like Emacs, but runs on Java.

11. open source courseware links from blogs : 14:44

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Cross-reference: OpenSourceCourseware#1

10. How Software Companies Die - Orson Scott Card : 14:47

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Looks like one of my favorite novelists has some insights on the software industry., from Google:orson+scott+card+software+companies, from a Slashdot comment on programmer psychology.

The humor collection linked to is also somewhat interesting.

9. completion on name of wiki page : 15:03

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Cross-reference: PlannerMode#9

8. curriculum review template created. : 15:23

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Cross-reference: CurriculumReview#1

7. comp.sys.wearables call for moderators : 15:57

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What, there's a comp.sys.wearables? Must head over to ...

5. Can IT Still Attract the Best and the Brightest? : 16:12

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From ACM Technews: - "Far from draining the field of the most talented IT workers, there is a distinct possibility that the IT downturn may be weeding out less-qualified applicants."

4. Speech Synthesis : 16:16

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Making Computers Talk is a Scientific American article about developing speech synthesizers. You might also be interested in SALT, an XML standard for web-based voice interaction. Links from ACM Technews.

3. Gnus and duplicates --- emacs : 16:53

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I am very, very glad that Gnus can automatically delete duplicates with (setq nnmail-treat-duplicates 'delete) .

2. .htaccess and RedirectMatch : 17:10

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RedirectMatch permanent /~sachac/notebook/wiki/(.*).html /~sachac/notebook/wiki/$1.php

is a very funky .htaccess line that helps me deal with the Great Renaming.

1. [[bbdb://jm.ibanez][JM Ibanez]] tries out Emacs : 23:03

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Looks like UA&P geek JM Ibanez has taken the plunge! =) Welcome to the Emacs world, JM.
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