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1. Online CS books : 19:42

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Radam on PLUG linked to http://www.aduni.org/courses/ as a good source of online books for computer science.

2. Computer science books : 19:44

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Another must-read, according to Brian Baquiran, is Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. Full text can be found at http://mitpress.mit.edu/sicp/ .

3. Computer accessibility and wearable computing : 20:30

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Panthera Altaica is into wearable computing because of computer accessibility. Hmmm. Interesting. From e-mail:
I'm working on a interface that's is basicaly a suped up CLI based on Multi User Forth(RPN, stack), Perl(CPAN, moduals) and HTML 4(programs control the information that is display not how to display the information). It should allow the quick intery of commands and the commands should be independant from the UI.

I'm plaining on a Forth and Lisp displays for the stack for the demostration. I still only have vagist ideas on how to handle the File system, text, images.

4. Assistive technology and wearable computing : 20:32

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Vito Miliano is also into assistive technology. Vito presented the "Dasher Communicator" recently, and has stuff up at http://www.perilith.com/~vito/dashcomm/

5. 7th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers : 20:32

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In-cooperation with ACM SIGMOBILE (pending)
OCTOBER 21-23, 2003
Crowne Plaza Hotel, White Plains, NY 10601

I really wish I could go, but it's highly unlikely.