Please be reminded that our departmental planning will push through as scheduled this weekend, April 26 and 27, at the Eugenio Lopez Center in

Antipolo. Please confirm your attendance with Lisa ASAP. Full-time, part- time, former, and new faculty are all enjoined to attend!

PLUG day and General Assembly at Asia Pacific College, Magallanes, Makati City.



CS21B: advanced programming and larger scale. This is where we really take advantage of the things we can do with Java, so we cover things like object-oriented design, class diagrams, interaction diagrams, more advanced user interfaces like event handling and listener-based interfaces, files, threads, networking, data structures. We recommend covering numbering systems in CS21A. CS21B has been working out nicely because in the end they are forced to write a multiplayer network game that is graphical and multithreaded, which is pretty advanced for a first year course. People manage to get somewhere near that. Shortcoming of CS21B right now is that not everyone gets to that point, so we actually have to be somewhat lenient with them. There has to be some work done there in order to strengthen their grasp on the subject. How do we teach it so that they have a stronger grasp?

Wishlist: plan right now for 21A and B is good. Depth lacking. Need more understanding after the whole thing. Somehow they're not grasping it well. Definitely, 21A should be stronger. They should leave 21A with a strong understanding of how objects work. We're spending too much time on event handling and user interfaces. Design patterns?

DocV: Suggestion, more problem solving?

CS110: Powerpoint presentation. Hash tables? Depends on the teacher. Recursion - discrete math. Maybe recursion should go back into CS21. We spend two weeks on algorithm analysis, way more than 3 hours recommended. Strategies embedded. We covered everything but topological sort. Graph traversals implicitly teach recursion. overlap discrete math, data structures. Goodrich and Tamassia emphasis on Java. Introduce some design patterns. Return DS as a requirement for MIS majors, practical issue because of tests. Introduce a separate algorithms for CS majors. CLR? cs131?

The 150 we're implementing: CPU - very extensive. 6 - 7 weeks. Microprogramming, amdahl's, pipelining Memory management I/O Networks

Why does the computer use 1s and 0s?

Concept of digital electronics in CS21?

Problem in 150: pacing so that the departmental exams are uniform.

A CS major might not get the breadth exposure. 8 hour a week thing in 152 should be able to cover it.

Additional networks course for MIS, required?:

Issue: Iterative OS for CS, net-centric OS for MIS