9:00 10:30 CS21A at F228
15:00 Speaker for IT Forum, Buger King. Ralph Y. Go, Grenadier Group, Philippines.

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Still looks the same as before. I wonder what this meeting is for.

What has been covered by the speakers?

Neural networks. Theory of computation. We have a lot of things. What specific area of computer science are you interested in?

Telematics. This is a demonstration CD - a presentation - of a software that fully automates an injection moulding or a blow moulding line. From accounting and inventory to assembly line. It's automated by allowing your computer aided machineries with interfaces connected by wire to a central control panel which is connected to a server connected in turn to other computers. So that's a network, as you're probably familiar with. It's not a new product, but it's not that old either. Aufenbach Consulting. He's asked me to find a market for it, and I'm supposed to visit all the injection moulding and blow moulding. Now the problem is that most here are guerrilla manufacturing. Bye bye BIR. Thermomur indirect use of IT. Creates styrofoam hollow blocks that are not structurally sound by themselves but if you put them toegher in a design determined by the computer, and fill it with cement... This one I heard Federal Land has, but they're keeping it secret. They don't want anyone to know. Competition here, the mentality is everything's a secret, but that's more Chinese than anything else. I worked for several Chinese companies, but never mind.

Do you remember also that several companies produced illegal copies of CDs. That's IT - applied mechatronics.

Clientele ask all sorts of questions, so I have to be prepared with most of the questions. We have a chief engineer in Finland and an IT engineer.

We're talking about the application of systems integration, primarily. I'm assuming you know the basics of networking and computer networks. Yes? Traditional computer science as it's called concentrates on Pascal, programming, languages, very little engineering. They only recently introduced ECE, which is more applicable. Pretty soon you'll see how wired and wireless technologies, linked together...

There is a presentation I can give, but then I have to give letters, because I am bound by certain NDAs.

Martin: What do you hope to achieve from this meeting?

I was surprised when I talked to that lady because I was not a computer science student per se. But I'm doing marketing, essentially, and I would like to find out what it is that people are being taught here in higher-level institutions in terms of systems?

(Please ask them to turn the speaker off.)

To give you an understanding of what's going on in the republic of the Philippines using just one company...

Objectives: - give you a better awareness in terms of service integration results. what's going on in the real world and what you normally find out there in the professional world in terms of where IT can be applied. So you have a better idea of business opportunities. Reason for this: little bit of research at the universities to find out how the programs have changed.

Basic: how to upgrade computers. We make systems. You can do that too.

Julius, Cha, Martin, Migs

There's stuff that's out that can blow your mind. Biochip. Biometrics. Further applications. One of the applications of IT is construction. Show you a few films about how IT can be applied to everything. (Note: We already know that.) Elucidation of the SARS virus. One of the most widespread uses - desktop publishing. Multimedia files which are accessed by a core of programs by certain companies - Lotus and Microsoft. Incidentally, I hope you realize that the original Lotus team included Bill Gates. The same group of people who created the IT revolution we know today created Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, ... If you have any questions, just raise your hand.

Point of the presentation - what I give to my clients. I need to find out if these presentations are suitable for what you're planning for the university. Has anyone ever heard of Powerpoint poison? It's a Dilbert term. It shows you how much IT has gone into our world. You use so many Powerpoint presentations that you bore your audience to death. It's an issue now, although before it was cutting-edge. IT can work for you, but it can also be overdone. Speakers bureaus as well as other organizations that deal with speaking and speechcraft that help you with these modernday rpesentations. This is literally where IT can interface with everything. Along with information technology comes IT responsibility. You can make a virus that can damage any system or subsystem within a wired or wireless network. There was a film that spoke about IT and its hazards. I forgot the title, but it had to deal with an MIT graduate in computer science. Why was he recruited? He was good at computing. Later on you find out there was a program that was meant to incapacitate any information based system. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, three most common words: I love you. One of the most famous viruses around. Had to round up Filipino CS and "hackers" to find out who wrote it.

Let's go on to this. Reason why I'm giving this series of talks is that I've been asked by the Toastmasters to do a lecture series. Joined because they do a very good job of helping people improve their communication skills. They have been incorporating almost the latest technologies. Everything is now interconnected. The barriers are down because of telecommunications. Ten to twelve most basic inventions that have changed our lives. Machine runs you or you run the machine?

We would like to keepthem informed about the latest advancements. Not always possible because a lot of confidential work is done, and it is covered by NDAs.

Thermomur system. Nice idea, wonder why it's not more widely used. Need more CS/MIS/IT approach, less emphasis on constructuion.

Environmental cleanup. Tire recycling plant, completely automated.

Overview of IT uses in industry not sufficient - can pick that up from Discovery Channel. Would be nice to see how we can use skills picked up through an Atenean CS/MIS education to do this sort of thing, maybe an overview of the different areas and the skills needed....

Why am I showing you these AVIs? Normally Powerpoint presentations, but we're trying multimedia. DVD has more storage.

"telematics - next stage of information technology". Personally, I don't like that kind of tight control. I live in a Free World.


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Moved into the small boarding house on Esteban Abada Street today. I covered my bed, organized my closet, and sorted out my clothes into teacher-y and non-teacher-y outfits. I have three outfits that I can wear to school. I do not think I'll ever get away with those corduroy shorts - they're higher than mid-thigh! Mrrf.

Had dinner at Cafe Maison.

It's soooo warm. I changed into my nightclothes already. It's a good thing I packed a spare, as the ones they had sent were even worse! In fact, I feel strongly tempted to go to sleep and just wake up early tomorrow, but it's 7:00 and that may sort of be pushing it. If I slept now, I could get up at 4 after nine full hours of sleep!

Just remember, Sacha: you love computer science. That's why you're here, far from an Internet connection, in a sweltering non-air-conditioned room, away from your family, your Net, your... your... your cat...


Oy vey.

Other things that happened today:

Played chess with Stanley. I tried the 1. e4 d5 2. exd5 c6 gambit, and that went pretty okay, but my middle game was rather shaky. End game saw us with only kings and pawns - Stan had a two-pawn advantage, including one on a clear file. We raced white f, black h pawn to queen. I queened first, he queened right after, but I had the initiative so I kept checking him to force an exchange. I had the positional advantage - the queen exchange took him away from the cluster of pawns from a to f - but I blundered (stupid zugzwang!). Managed to recover and engaged in another exciting race to queen. I was a move behind him. He queened his last pawn. My pawn moved to a2. His king was too far away to help his queen checkmate me, and his queen couldn't force my king away from the pawn on its own. (I heavily abused the fact that stalemate would've been a draw! =) ) He offered me a draw, which was the best I could do given the circumstances.

Chess - what an adrenalin-charged game!

To do:

- Get a stand fan taller than my bed. (Too bad I can't just ask for the bed to be replaced by a futon...) - Get a desk lamp. - Get slippers. - Get a pillow. - Get teacher-y clothes. - Wipe the floors so that it's not so dusty.

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- reasons for pursuing graduate studies at this time - reasons for choosing your program of study - personal qualities, abilities or special skills which you feel will help you do well in your chosen program of study - constraints or difficulties that you anticipate to encounter while taking graduate studies - potential contribution of an ateneo graduate education to your profession and larger society.