Referring to people as "Sir Jon" throughout this journal is going to be, well, repetitive. I'm (gasp!) going to use first names whenever possible.

I have an interesting story about CS152. My Monday class was fully booked at 30 people. The Wednesday class under Christine Amarra had around 12 (or was that 18?) people. The Friday class under Jon Fernandez had only 6, which meant that the Friday class was in danger of being dissolved.

Jon's Friday CS152 class was Because Dr. Sarmenta wants Sir Jon to take over his CS152 classes eventually, he wants Sir Jon to handle my Monday CS152 lab section



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Changing course to accommodate non-prerequisites. Crash course in C programming. I want you to introduce yourself and give your expectations.

1. IS, just want to learn more about computer graphics because she wants to integrate it with communication - web design, eventually. 2. Jules Ang. MECO. Organization, and we have this CD yearbook project and he wants to make sophisticated graphics. 3. 4th MIS. Programming. I don't really knoiw much about CG, which is why I'm here. 4. loadreving out. wala na kasing maenrolan. 5. Castillo. 4 IS. Just want to know more about graphics. 6. Chan. 4 CS. basically, what was written in the course description. 7. Cheng. 4 CS. Illusions of Halflife. 8. Jose Dominic .... . Absent. 9. Quirinio Noel dela Torre. BS CS. Expect not so much programming in this class. 10. Marian Erika Duque. Absent. 11. Felix. Absent. 12. 13. Expect to get to learn more about graphics. How to make them. 14. Ronald Po. 4 MIS. Want to learn more about graphics because he's trying to work on 3d. 15. Valerie Ann. 4 MIS. Just found out that this course requires programming. Expecting like 3D Studio Max. 16. Camille Joyce Legaspi. First thing I thought of was programming and graphics, but I didn't see the description, so she didn't think that C was a prerequisite. 17. Gabriel ? Absent. 18. Emmanuel. 4 MIS. Expect happy memory. 19. Ng. Absent. 20. Maria Patricia Perez. BS MIS. Didn't know there were prerequisites. Didn't know it was going to be programming. Expecting 3D Studio Max. 21. Ramon O. Rodriguez. Same reasons. Thought learn how to use 3D Studio Max. Not able to take up prerequisites. 22. Maureen Bien Soreta. Same as them. Didn't know about prerequisites, but he'll try anyway. 23. Suarez. Same thing. 24. Terrible. Same thing. 3D Studio Max. Guess it's okay. 25. Aaron Jacob... .

TJ. lots of programming.

Lots of nods when Anino was mentioned.

Try to speak in shorter sentences; you use and and but a lot. ;) Jargon alert. =) You, ummm, need to specify that a little bit better. Suggestion for next time: Start with a very graphical demo - something that will make them go, "Way cool!" Then reassure them that yes, at the end of this semester, they *will* be able to do that.

Your students don't know the jargon, so you might want to make very visual examples. A friendly approach is possible.

(sorry about that... very nervous on my first day and I should have started with the introduction slides already, but I felt I wasn't ready yet.)