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Meet Dean Michael Berris


1. Met Dominique Cimafranca : 14:22

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Had a really fun conversation with Dominique Cimafranca over hot chocolate last Saturday. =) Nice guy.

2. Panel Discussion on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. : 15:17

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Ateneo IT Forum

When: 11 July 2003. 4:30 - 6:00 PM

Where: Convergent Technologies Center, Ateneo de Manila University

Pass by! =)

3. GeekPoetry picked up : 15:18

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Apparently, Martin Gomez forwarded my GeekPoetry to before... =)

4. Month view improved : 15:29

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Now includes link to previous and next months. Thanks to JM Ibanez for prodding me. =)

6. Mind mapping : 15:58

Categories: None -- Permalink is excellent! =) I used it in class earlier.

Warning: CVS tree is actually waaay older than released source.

7. Java and scanf : 15:59

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Look! java.util.StreamTokenizer! I may never have to scanf again... ;)

8. JM Ibanez has moved! : 16:17

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He has a JSP wiki (his own code) and a few other things...

9. More links coming in : 16:47

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James Luckett ( linked to OnLove in his 2003.06.18 entry.
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