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A1XFinish typing in the rest of the training stuff
13:00 13:10 Prepare for CS21A (Dr. Sarmenta's section)
13:20 13:40 Browse for oOpenOffice stuff
13:40 14:00 Finish typing in the rest of the training stuff
15:00 16:30 Substitute for CS21A
16:30 17:20 Help out with CS21A
69.00 Grilled chicken burrito

1. Mom and Openoffice : 00:05

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My mom's giving Openoffice a shot. Yay! =) (Actually, I'm learning much along the way...)

2. Liberation Technology : 00:06

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3. Clipart wanted for document: : 10:03

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manager developer sweatdrop (for Use Cases)

stacks of paper person sleeping

4. Openoffice exports to Flash : 12:48

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Nifty! OpenOffice presentations can be exported to Flash. =)

Hmm. WebCast?

5. Oooh, teaching story! : 17:25

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My students are brilliant _and_ having fun! =)

I've gotten e-mail from students along the lines of "I was thinking in the shower when..." - they're thinking about CS outside the classroom, and they've come up with pretty creative ways to do things. Martin Gomez told me that he was having lunch near their block and he heard them talking about CS - over lunch! Wow! They were talking about arrays, poring over source code, animatedly swapping ideas... Some are even asking how to make programs that make other programs - cool! I think I can introduce files early as an extra topic. Note to self: write tutorials over weekend.

Gosh, they're more advanced than I was when I was in first year, and enthusiasm's contagious. =) I'll do my best to help them reach their potential while still making sure they don't overlook any of the basics. I plan to give them self-review assignments and tests. Yatta!

6. Window manager decisions : 17:39

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I will stay in ion and use Xnest for apps that have weird dialog boxes, like Openoffice.

7. Javascript + XUL ideas : 18:05

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I tend to download a lot of links; it would be nice to have a list of downloadable links and select the files to get... Maybe one of the extensions already out there?

8. Cool student programs : 18:29

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I'll be highlighting some cool programs in my journal. =) I'll write up the ones that are in my mindmap (XML, viewable with http://freemind.sourceforge.net), but here's one for today: MathPractice.java, by Jaime
Thanks to Jaze Ebreo and Keny Saavedra
Arithmetric drill program with randomized questions; neato! =)

More programs to come soon!

9. http://whisper.surrey.sfu.ca/what.html : 18:33

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"Wearable body architectures" - seems to be a performance-art/tele-biofeedback thing? Link from Jonathan Hatol.

10. Hmmm, not so many updates this time : 18:38

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I should come up with a matrix to show the students that I'm keeping track of where they are and what knowledge they've demonstrated, both as an individual and as a group. =) Actually, I should allow them to fill it in as well...