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A1XPrepare slides for software engineering tomorrow

1. Autoconf tutorial : 10:46

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2. eLearning conference : 11:04

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2. Designing eLearning Courses for Higher Education Patricia B Arinto

Number of participants: 30 people

In this one-day workshop, participants will mine the Web for teaching and learning resources suitable for the courses they teach, and design online learning activities that take advantage of the Internet as an educational tool. A special focus of the workshop is designing WebQuests. Participants will go through the instructional design process in order to come up with creative online learning activities that foster critical thinking and collaborative learning. The workshop is open to college and university teachers who are thinking of including online components in a face-to-face course or transforming a course for full online delivery. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge in the use of computers and the Internet.


3. "Head First Java" author interview : 12:15

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4. Java blog : 12:34

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5. Java to C++ : 12:35

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6. MyExpenses : 13:20

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7. Awwwwww... =) : 14:18

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Richi put a cute little easter egg on my site. Warm and fuzzy feeling.