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Wearable computing research
Conference talk
- Introduce IT students to the field of wearable computing - Give them some ideas for possible projects

At the end of the IT conference talk, students should be able to - define mobile computing and wearable computing - describe some of the challenges in mobile and wearable computing - identify possibilities for semester- or year-long projects

At the end of the PSITE talk, teachers should be able to - explain mobile computing and wearable computing to their students - describe some of the challenges in mobile and wearable computing - identify possibilities for semester- or year-long projects - support students' preliminary investigations into mobile and wearable computing

IT Conference Audience
IT students Concerns: - How do you get started in wearable computing without having a lot of money?
Possible projects
Computer science education
The Road Not Taken
The MFA process: - A series of mentors who are writers - Revision under direction of the mentors - Learning a process of writing - Craft-oriented, critical writing on work by other writers - Learning what and how to"steal" - Learning how to write by writing while reflecting on it

Then: - practice like hell - read like hell - writers' workshops - revise like hell

- Told Cliff Lim not to freak out so much. =)
Have to deal with - offline users at home (can assume JDK 1.4) - users at cybercafe (no JDK 1.4, quickly check news, replies, and contribute stuff) - users in class - online users at home
Other stuff
- downloaded "ue o muite arukoo" mp3 and lyrics.
- Possible application - spam filtering?
Something different
- Fiddled with yatm.el - minor usability tweak. - Posted some Linux tips on ph-linux-newbie for Jun Martin - State of rebellion in the Philippines; for details. - Jerome knows the lullaby Kuya Ed taught us. - Ateneo won first and second in the wireless challenge. I miss my contest days! - Aadisht Khanna dropped e-mail delivery of his w-fillets. - Played around with Mozilla Firebird.


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