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IT training center


1. jica : 15:50

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project-type cooperation grant aid

donor company will send the experts from universities and private industries technology traansfer, equipment technical cooperation project training center in upd implementation agency is diliman, results should be diffused to other universities and private it industries including japanese affiliated companies in the philippines not how to make an effective how to make an effective project under the jica scheme

training for graduates to general it skill

receive university graduates training after one year after exam, core and specialist - 12 months (6/6) not another degree program, but non-degree certification. practical business one year internship at company

upd has no alumni records

still in design phase 6 or7 months, project will start in february or march, the technical cooperation with the assistance of japan will commence one year, make good curricula, subjects, course instruction methods for more practical training jitse standard curricula mr. kato is the jitse member much more practical and broad jitse standard as much as possible professors who are accomodating for this kind of different knowhow concentrate on trainors training they might go to japan for training second year, may start a small scale of classes; two classes, twenty five trainees each, two classes in 2005 and then expand to maybe 100 trainees in 2006 grant aid scheme build a building, provide more equipment, maybe scale up to 200 or 300 or 400 in 2007, not sure yet whole scneario

basically, aiming to develop people for embedded systems, application development, network three areas that are high priority from our understanding microelectronincs, but not sure this could be feasible in this country. computer aided design might extend variety to those fields

part time courses saturday, evening for it engineers currently working special seminars in selected topics - 1 or 2 day seminars in hot issues in IT fields basic idea

bwhat we are thinking more cooperative approach among the industries

basic assumption major instructions for this instructior will be coming from UP, but they should invide faculty of other universities and graduates frim other universities

what do you think

maybe the ateneo join as instructor, or join in courses expectations from student size and faculty side lots of different customers

31,000 IT graduates a year

master degree program, at least a master degree holder

another concern: class size 50 or 100 every year, by utilizing existing faculty staff, but when we havea big size, recruit IT instructor, or get help from other faculty members

tokyo institute of technology

asti soft launch of java courses

- part time instructor trained by japanese specialists - advisory board? mr. rodriguez of up who is the vice president of the whole up, probably some from Ateneo, a team of candidates for future instructors 1000 - 1500 per hour as a lecturer

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