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A1XReview for Japanese final exam
10:00 16:00 PinoyJUG Java newbie study session at Serg's Cafe (Shangri-La Plaza parking lot, facing EDSA)

1. configure-debian : 07:11

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I think configure-debian needs a better front-end. A tree view of packages and a list of all the options, maybe...

2. Serg's Cafe : 16:01

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Met Ran, Eric, Migs Paraz, Ver and William Yu at Serg's Cafe. The shop has positive geek karma - two stuffed Tux toys on the counter and great hot chocolate, plus free Internet if you bring your own patch cable.

I like this place.

3. Ran is looking for Revolution OS : 17:06

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I know someone in the Philippines has a copy. =)

4. : 17:16

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Filipino gimmick-place reviews.

5. : 17:16

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6. Serg's Tablea : 17:21

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Nice chocolate!