Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XAsk Doc Mana about schedule swap
A2XPrepare exercises for tomorrow (CS21AFirst03#WelcomePage)
A3XMake a gallery of student projects - not that many yet
A4XConvert slides for objects

1. Java patterns : 16:02

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2. JPCS conference : 16:05

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end of august, one way of reviving contact with JPCS. Need a venue for a seminar for the gathering of all of these people. Leni Padero, Sir Olpoc's contact. She's looking for a venue for a Sunday - the last Sunday of August. Pass it on the students.

3. http://www.geocities.com/fanny11sy/featured-projects : 17:57

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4. Redesign : 18:41

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Using objects in the beginning - graphics right away; bounds and draw

promotes object reuse - using objects - implementing methods - expressions - if - loops - arrays - more objects

graphics IO applet setBounds credits

5. Communication : 21:30

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Considering that I tend to text long messages in bursts, it might actually make more sense for me to stay at a cybercafe and IM friends. Well, at least, it _would_ make more sense if my friends were always online. They aren't, so I'm stuck with text messaging. Come to think of it, Bluetooth or IR communication through my phone would be wonderful, as then I wouldn't have to lift my fingers off the keyboard... IR seems like a better bet for now, as my smartphone doesn't have Bluetooth. I need to get an IR dongle that works with Linux.

6. Teaching : 21:31

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Holding up. Doing remarkably well, in fact - probably because I'm too busy to do anything else. The sheer magnitude of my task and the inadequacy of my preparation is starting to sink in. There's no way that 4 years of college could have prepared me for teaching! It's harder than most people think. What other profession expects you to manage people from day 1?

7. Experts : 21:33

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I think I've a way to deal with my large CS123 class: topic experts. Each group has experts in charge of mastering and teaching particular topics. For example, we've assigned pattern experts and C++ experts. This way, I can do study groups. We'll meet every week. I'll give them assignments, and they'll share what they learned with their classmates.

Decision: One person per role. The topic expert is forced to pay attention, otherwise the whole group will have problems. The topic expert also learns to teach others. Different areas of expertise ensure division of work.

8. Plans : 21:37

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I'm going to try to move my plans up by a year. I suspect I'll learn more by going to graduate school full-time than I'll learn from modifying the courses. I need process. I need a way to measure the effects of the changes we make. I need a way to describe the changes in the first place! I guess I still see myself as more into computer science education...

Is that because I'm afraid of hardware? Is that because I don't yet have some radical idea for an alternative user interface design? But I don't need radical ideas to get started. I can get into wearable computing the open source way; small, incremental improvements. I can focus on the everyday. I can start off by capturing sound. I can try to figure out how to Morse text messages. (Maybe I can do that as part of the Java wireless center thing!) What if my phone was my wearable user interface? Wearable computing's not scary. I can do this.

9. RSS feed : 22:29

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I think it should be relatively easy to publish an RSS feed of the links from my planner wiki...

10. Emacs macros : 22:30

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Keyboard macros in Emacs allow me to easily generate the gallery from the pipe-separated values I exported from Gnumeric. Viva open source! Viva la revolucion!