1. Java dev day? : 13:04

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something similar to this perhaps? link: http://asm03.assembly.org/

2. New blog! : 17:23

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http://sacha.sachachua.com/blog now points to http://servlet.techscene.com/roller/page/sachachua/Weblog, which will probably be my primary blog because it can do XML excerpts. I'll try to find a way to hack planner+remem support for it.

3. Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective

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Miguel Paraz posted a link to Code Reading: The Open Source Perspective. Code reading is an acquired skill, and it's hard (impossible?) to understand big systems at first glance.

4. Just got back from lunch

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I just got back from lunch at Gayuma, a small restaurant along E. Abada. Andrei, Eric, Fanny, Stanley and I swapped stories about (of all things) our love lives (or surplus/lack thereof). I feel that I've gotten to know them a bit more (especially now that we've swapped incriminating stories). Nice conversation, definitely worth the time.

5. Teaching reflections, tips -- education

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In response to Teaching Reflections for Summer 2003, Massimiliano Mirra wrote:
It would probably be a good idea to have threaded discussions on each topic, but I don't know of any content management systems that make it easy to keep track of all the discussions going on at a time.

A local news server would seem ideal to me. Did you consider that?

By the way, I too teach Java (ouch), and I read your whole page with interest. In one of the bullets you mention students having problems with setting Java at home. I found mine share the problem so I'm preparing a custom Knoppix live CD for them with everything set up for Java programming (and yes, the editor of choice is Emacs ;-) with ECB and some ad-hoc bits of ELisp). I'll be glad to share the results if you want, although it is tailored for Italian the customization itself is based on Debian metapackages and other i18n-* packages shouldn't be too hard to add if you have some experience with Debian.

Good luck with your teaching.

Oooh, yeah, a custom Knoppix would be great - and a sneaky way to get them into Emacs! =) Wooohoo!

No prob with Debian. I love Debian.

Massimiliano has quite a Google footprint. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do... =)