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A1XWipe the Vaio

8. Broadway : 10:48

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- Being Alive from "Company", page 27 - Getting to Know You from "The King and I", p80 - People will say we're in love from "Oklahoma", p192 - Send in the clowns from "A little night music", p194 - Smoke gets in your eyes from "Roberta", p214 - Till there was you from "The music man", p226 - The Last Time I Felt Like This: Contemporary Movie Hits, p77 - What a wonderful world: Contemporary Movie Hits, p126 - The Nearness of You

7. People

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Meep. Dean: Good, I'm not ready to get into anything right now either. (More blogs should have trackback, I think...)

I have a little bit of a crush on someone right now. I'd rather that that doesn't become an issue, so no speculation, no teasing, whatever. I am probably going to blandly deny it if pressed. I'm not going to let that interfere with plans. =) I need to get a PhD first. Besides, I suspect that it's much easier to relate when people aren't worrying about relationships. So - yes, I do have a small crush on someone, but I hope it doesn't cause people problems. This is also not to say that I don't greatly admire and enjoy the company of a number of people, by the way.

For more information, people can read OnLove.

6. Great conversation

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Had a great conversation with Albert, Fanny and Eric. We started after the Faculty Forum and went on until around 9 just talking about... well... teacher life, more personal details, that sort of thing.

5. More haiku

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Contemplating self, // One looks into a mirror // And sees the whole world. ///
Bold brush strokes and ink // Sketch not one person's journey // But our universe. ///
Tracing my shadow // With tentative lines I sketch. // It looks like your own. ///

4. Wiping the Vaio

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I have to remove all my data from the Vaio because my dad needs plenty of free space. Not forgetting to back up /var/lib/cvs this time... =) (I really should switch to plain RCS for planner.el, I think.)

3. CS21A: Constructors -- education

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Today we took up constructors. For the first ten minutes, they coded the BankAccount exercise from scratch. For the next fifteen minutes, they swapped computers and learned from each other (Jaime was particularly helpful). Then I sat down and did the whole BankAccount thing in a minute (sans little boolean return type thing, which Gretch helpfully pointed out). After that, we went into constructors and method overloading, and I gave them a small assignment.

Rating: Fun, pretty good. I think that asking them to teach each other in class was pretty good. Keoma was particularly pleased, as she had been practicing BankAccount a few days before. It was a familiar exercise, so they _knew_ they should be able to do it, and it was actually quite similar to that Cellphone thing as well. Some of the students who were having problems got help from their seatmates, and it wasn't the let-me-copy-off-you sort of help but rather seatmate-explaining-what-was-wrong-and-how-to-fix it kind.

I hadn't even planned to talk about method overloading, but Keoma asked if it was an example of overloading, and so I went on to explain that bit. Awwww; my students are reading in their off hours... =)

Also, got to see Neill's birthday card. Nice!

2. Linux 2.6 w000t

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My Linux 2.6 kernel just booted. w00t! It started up pretty fast. I should time it. It was faster than I'd remembered. Of course, it booted with a disturbingly white screen, but it booted and I have X! Yay!

1. Timestamps

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The timestamps (on the blog) appear to be rather off. To wit, it is 10:55 PM according to my computer's time. Argh. Must be some timezone thing.