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1. : 19:22

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ernesto damasco - already retired, former dean of AMA, writing books on e-commerce zaldy - delphi, independent contractor martin patacsil nix garcia paolo falcone - sysad, startup, migration batangas, python as official main programming language, programming contests dominique cimafranca


balaybalay, leyte - abs cbn - foreign husbands contributing to the balaybalay economy


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2. Extreme keyboards

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3. Serg's Cafe

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A review of Serg's Cafe should, of course, be written in Serg's Cafe while reclining on a couch, hooked up to the Internet and sipping a particularly rich cup of chocolate. Ah, this is life.

A short walk from the Ortigas MRT station, Serg's Cafe is a convenient place to meet. Although the cafe's on the ground floor of EDSA Shangri-La's parking building and right next to the endless traffic on EDSA, the background music and the soft lighting make the rest of the world disappear.

The place has lots of geek karma. Two Tux stuffed toys are displayed prominently on the counter. You can rent one of the PCs (Windows XP and Linux) for PHP 60 an hour. Here's the fun part - you can bring your laptop and plug into their sockets for free. Just set your computer up for DHCP and you're off and running. Wireless Net access is free, too. (Well, at least for now. =) )

I got to talk to Randy Ong, a geek of many talents. He designed and put together most of the elements of the cafe. This isn't just some prepackaged franchise - that guy knows his chocolate, and he's always looking for new ideas.

Room for improvement: The sign outside could be clearer. It's all too easy to walk past and miss this gem of a place.

Drop by sometime. =)

4. Dinner last night

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Met with Dominique, Engels and Magie last night. Learned about their educational Linux projects and advocacy plans. =) Nice people.

Some things need to be thought about a bit.