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STI has standard courseware thorughout the system, and their training is usually based on that, but they want more than just the thing that they're teaching, so last year, they tried to have traiining where they had invited speakers from others. There were faculty members that were delighted, but there were others who were frustrated xecasue they don't want to learn more than they have to teach. So new t: two tracks, one track based entirely on courseware, and some trainers from outside as well. Last summer, the same thing happned, discrete math, java, etc. and at the same time, training on cryptography, machine translation, robotics that w don't really teach in the first place. purpose: faculty. personal growth. another purpose, students w improvement thesis... bihira yung ibang magandang thesis, so gusto kong iimprove yun. Thesis advisors. Normally, modular training. Ex: cryptograhy; three days training, and then follow-up in october. PThey think of a project, and the students do it, so that even the students develop. Collaboration between teacher and student. So yun ang gusto kong mangyari.

programming before kasi, ang ginagawa nila, invite speakers, 2 days, no follow-up. Now they want limited training, but more follow-up. Objective, why did you attend, how can you apply it, and self-chosen deadline.

overview components applications developing a simple application Basic applictaions that could be mixed with existing

- basic components of wearable computing - theories - simple project, maybe a month

try to put yourself in the shoes

classify two types of projects: cool projects and commercially viable projects

2 weeks, owe him the outline

1. Exim port : 18:05

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driver = smtp port = 1234


driver = lookuphost transport = firewalled_smtp domains = foo1.my.com:foo2.my.com:foo3.my.com

2. CS21A -- education

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In other news, we started on interfaces. I need to watch the class a bit closely; people seem to be rather fuzzy about interfaces, so I'll probably go over the slides in class instead of leaving it as outside class work. We'll be using interfaces to introduce arrays. I plan to discuss instanceof and casting along the way.

Hey, maybe we can sneak in a little Class.forName("...") . It's a cool way to underscore how interfaces allow you to treat objects in a generic matter, and it's great for the zoo thing. I think this is something I have to write myself, as it combines too many advanced concepts. =) Note to self: prepare that tonight.

3. Software assistants

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4. Augmented memory in fiction and history

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From a Slashdot post:
Remember oliver, the electronic personality extender predicted by Alvin Toffler in "Future Shock" ...?

There's an interesting passage about olivers in John Brunner's excellent novel, "The Shockwave Rider":

"... so-called olivers, electronic alter-egos designed to save the owner the strain of worrying about all his person-to-person contacts. A sort of twenty-first-century counterpart to the ancient Roman nomenclator, who discreetly whispered data into the ear of the emperor and endowed him with the reputation of a phenomenal memory." (pp. 41-42)

5. SSH pfft

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I just remembered that sysads doesn't like key-based authentication, so I'm pretty much stuck. Either that, or I'm going to have to write an expect script to automatically set up my SSH tunnels. Maybe this weekend - after CS215...

6. Spam, viruses, worms, yadayadayada

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I will be happy if I never see another e-mail message warning me that I (or the mailing list I've subscribed to) has sent a virus-infected message or a possible spam. In fact, subject lines with the word 'virus' or anything that even looks like an automated antivirus or spam filtering response gets routed to my spam folder, and I let heuristics take care of the rest. Thankfully most of the lists I'm subscribed to have noticed the problem and are taking preventive measures.

Tip for anti-virus companies: From: headers are not to be trusted in this day and age. Heck, I can't even trust whitelists and blacklists are also useless. Maybe graylists... I could put that in BBDB, but I can't control the mailing lists.