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9:0012:00CS231/CS123: project time
12:0013:30Go to National Bookstore and have lunch
13:30Work on InstructionalSoftwareDesign
21:00Work on CS21A
22:00Do a little revision of InstructionalSoftwareDesign

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I have reconciled myself to the idea of having one gazillion tasks in my planner pages and am coming to think that this is actually a Good Thing. To wit, it allows me to prioritize tasks, postpone tasks to arbitrary dates, and have really funky hyperlinks. I still have to think of how to make remember.el store proper entries in newsgroups or mailboxes, as Japanese localization screws things up. =) When I've got that set up, I'll use planner.el for tasks and a summary of notes, links to the actual entries for more details, and publish RSS feeds of the whole thing every so often. I think it will be quite fun.

top - feedback CS215 and the submission system

As part of my instructional software design class (CS215 under Dr. Rodrigo), I'm working on a system to make collaboration easier. I encourage my students to share files. Currently, students upload their code to our Yahoogroups-hosted mailing list. We have a hard time keeping track of activity, however, and namespace collisions are a pain. I'm thinking of extending the online submission system to support collaboration. Because this is an ISD class, not a software engineering class, I also need to carefully think about how it can support collaboration inside and outside the classroom. What are my curricular goals? What will this help students achieve? How is this different from mailing lists and WebCT?

top - feedback Remembering things

Another thinko: just realized that either maildir or a directory of small XML files would be a great way to store my little factoids. Plus points if it could be published to a blog or RSS feed, multi-directional sync... I realized I don't really need categories as long as I can do searches. In fact, searches are more powerful. Storing the entries in separate files will let me use the remembrance agent, too. Yay!

top - feedback Project idea

I should really look into those augmented memory systems for personal contacts. I want something that can keep track of how I know someone ("We were classmates in grade 4" or "We met at the 4th National Learning Styles Conference"), the first time I met them, the last time I met them (and what we talked about), what their current interests and future plans are... It should be easy to look up my correspondence with someone or a history of our meetings. Hmmm. Possible project idea there - it's something that can be tested on the desktop and it has commercial value (CRM?). Something similar probably already exists. =)

top - feedback CS123 -- education

Today we did a summary of all the things we've taken up so far. Their system design (use cases, class diagrams, collaboration diagrams, assorted notes) are due tomorrow, and they've done most of the work in their project already. All that's left is implementation and testing. I think they can do it in the time they have left...