Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XInstructionalSoftwareDesign by 2003.08.30
A2XRevise design description for InstructionalSoftwareDesign
A3XRevise needs analysis for InstructionalSoftwareDesign
A4XRevise task analysis for InstructionalSoftwareDesign
A5XDefine erc-start-school
A6XWrite an expect script to automate ssh tunnel setup
A7XGo to CS21A class
A8XDownload a picture of Mars and package it as default.jpg in the zoo.zip
A9XPlug phone into charger
7:30 8:30 CS21A: 5 min. overview, 20 min. discussion of interfaces, 5 min. demo of MagicalShapeDemo, rest of the time, intro to arrays
9:00 12:00 Singing lessons
13:00 16:30 Work on InstructionalSoftwareDesign
16:30 19:00 Faculty lounge day - fun!
19:00 23:30 Dinner with friends

1. Extreme programming: Process vs. culture : 12:35

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2. TFI followups : 16:44

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Intellectual autobiographies, capitalism; memo sent out today

3. School of Humanities Lounge Day : 17:11

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Welcome to Lounge Day. We're supposed to showcase not only the newly renovated building, but also showcase the heart and soul of the Dela Costa building - our talented young creative creators...

Opening remarks by Dr. Agustin Rodriguez (Gus, from TFI).

I'm so happy to see you, all 100 - 100 people confirmed. Welcome to the first lounge day. This is the first of our sana patuloy na to many lounge days. For the next few months we'll be circulating. This is the first - newly renovated building, so we wanted to show off our building and our talents - don't feel so formal, especially I'm sure the next ones... The next one will be in the SOSE. In the name of faculty development - and the VP who's here - welcome. I hope this becomes a tradition. ... lounge will be open soon. Series of activities for faculty development, we hope that everyone comes to meet with us. Might call wine and spirits - wine and the value of Ignatian spirituality and education. (Humanities people and wine..) Intellectual autobiographies, where most senior faculty will share the paths they took to get to where they are today. (Ooh, looking forward to that.) This month it will be Sol Reyes. Lounge days, promise everyone we will have a Christmas Party. We will have a special R and R.

Egay Samar, Palanca Awardee. Palanca now awards Futuristic Fiction. Project eyod. Nice... Behind the aparador Jing Panganiban, three short poetry

loyola Schools Folio - Hmm. Maybe I should write for kicks... -laugh-


10 thngs I'm afraid of Top three things I hate about my high school class

Archive of experiments to choose from

As close as possible to their everyday life - nips experiment

demo should be an integral part of the demo. Not just as an example. More interactive. Start with the demo? Preduction. Application of principles using the demo. Next sem, planning to make it as important as possible as integral as possible. Now that you've learned how it really happens...

applications versus theory

what's beautiful to us might not be beautifl to them like being sarcastic humor!

bonus - contact details, but explain

dom@chem.admu.edu.ph aserohijos@ateneo.edu