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8:309:30Write up the exercise we just did
9:3010:30Get printer working, check some CS123 Midterms
10:3011:30Help Edsel with Linux
11:3012:30Get distracted by expect
14:0017:30Plan for CS21A on Wednesday
18:0023:00Have dinner at The Grind and learn how to play the guitar

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top - feedback Unofficial APT sources


top - feedback SSH Tunnelling

Still no breakthrough. I'm trying to automatically set up SSH tunnels. Because sysads doesn't like passphrases, I have to use expect to automate the password. I want the tunnels to be automatically brought up when and only when the interface is up and the school profile is selected. I'm using laptop-net to manage different network configurations - I'm a laptop user, so I tend to move around a fair bit.

I need this to work in order to have tunnelled secure SMTP out to cyrus.sachachua.com, as firewalls prevent me from making a direct connection. Any ideas? I've been playing around with expect, but so far, no joy.

top - feedback Slashdot Trolling Phenomena

Apparently, someone has written a fairly long description of common Slashdot trolls on WikiPedia:Slashdot_trolling_phenomena. Strange, strange.

top - feedback Array ideas


top - feedback Top Ten ways to combine fun and substance

From http://www.skylit.com/oop/:.pdf

top - feedback 10. Use gimmicks

Provide a piece of Java code with a few syntax errors; finding and fixing these errors becomes an "adventure game" when all the Java syntax is not yet fully explained.

Provide a piece of badly-styled Java code; make fixing the style into a contest. This can be done before Java syntax is fully explained.

top - feedback 9. Use the Internet for enrichment projects

Sample projects:

top - feedback 8. Introduce bits of trivia and random knowledge from other fields

Two technicians wiring the right side of ENIAC (Courtesy of U.S. Army Research Laboratory)

The term "bug" was popularized by Grace Hopper, a legendary computer pioneer, who was the first to come up with the idea of a compiler and who created COBOL. One of Hopper's favorite stories was the story of a moth that was found trapped between the points of a relay, which caused a malfunction of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator (Harvard University, 1945). Technicians removed the moth and affixed it to the log shown on the photograph.

Many people mistakenly believe that the mouse was invented by Apple. Others believe that idea came from Xerox, where the mouse was used on an early office PC called the Star. But in truth, the mouse was first conceived of by Doug Engelbart in the early 1960's, then a scientist at the Stanford Research Institute, in Menlo Park, California.

The Dance Studio applet teaches basic dance steps for Rumba, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Swing, and Waltz

top - feedback 7. Use role playing for discussing OOP designs; make students enact standard algorithms

Determine the responsibilities of various objects within an application by assigning the roles of objects to students and playing it out.

Stage popular algorithms such as sorting algorithms and Binary Search.

top - feedback 6. Let students personalize their projects: let them choose the details and add "bells and whistles"

Sample projects:

The Poll applet implements voting for a school president. Students enjoy choosing the candidates' names and colors in this applet.

Fill in the blanks in the code for the Fortune Teller applet, adding an array of "fortunes" (strings) and the statements necessary for randomly choosing and displaying them.

Create a picture of your choice for the puzzle. For instance you can draw circles, polygons, or letters of different sizes and colors that intersect the grid.

top - feedback 5. Assign projects with intermediate steps that are fun and rewarding

Example 1: Rainbow

Example 2: Ramblecs

top - feedback 4. Encourage students by making "hard" projects easy

Fill in the blanks in the applet's code, adding an array of a few "fortunes" (strings) and the code to randomly choose and display one of them. Recall that the static Math.random method returns a random double value 0 x < 1.

top - feedback 3. Use entertaining case studies that illustrate fundamental concepts

top - feedback 2. Facilitate student-teacher (or student-textbook) team development using the "model-view" approach

top - feedback 1. Get a textbook that supports it

(I think; I've already closed the PDF...)

top - feedback Hyperdictionary

Andy Sy posted a link to http://www.hyperdictionary.com .

top - feedback 今日 -- 日本語

アコースティックギターを一寸習いました。エリクさんは教えます。つまびで が楽しかったです。チョロヅが難しかったです。ギターより歌が好きです。でも、 習ってが良いです。

一昨日が妙です。 二人とスクラブルをしました。双方は私が好きでしょう。愛 しい一人と言いました。私は、あの事が未定です。

top - feedback Funky binder

I have printed out hard copies of some of the things I'm working on in school. Time to see how useful binders really are...