1. More about caret browsing : 07:06

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Page: 2003.09.02
Updated: 2003-09-02
Name: Jeff Linwood
URL: http://www.mozillatips.com
Caret Browsing?  I don't think caret browsing is the most essential feature in Mozilla, but it's basically useful if you need to copy text out of a web page.

(Awwww, someone reads referers too.)

I tried out caret browsing yesterday, and yay - more fun ways to stay away from the mouse! =)

2. Alternative career? <grin> : 07:08

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One of my students has this to say:
thank you so much for all you help. sobra. you'd make a great midwife, seriously, the way you extract what we know from us and show us that we do know how to do it. i wouldn't have half as much confidence in my code, otherwise. :) thanks for having so much patience with me. heehee. i really, really appreciate it. me and mau both. :)

So I guess if this CS thing doesn't pan out, I have an alternative career... ;)

3. Jacqueline Antonio or Roselyn Santos : 21:38

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Telefax: (02) 426-9592 DL: (02) 920-1495 TL: (02) 920-5301 Local: 7973 email: Jacqueline_Antonio@yahoo.com