Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XPrepare animation example for tomorrow
A2XPrepare CS21AFirst03#Exercises.FiveByFive (TeachingWork)
A3XFix rem2diary problem (E-Mail from Scott Campbell <scott.campbell@utoronto.ca>)
A4XFind out why my new planner pages are not getting marked as such (../../notebook/emacs/emacs-wiki.el)
C1XSet up automatic swish-e indexing of my mail (LinuxConvenience)
C2XSet up automatic swish-e indexing of my plans (LinuxConvenience)

1. using ghostview to be a printer driver for cups : 15:05

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scheduler not responding Doc Gerrald

2. CS faculty meeting over chips : 16:21

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- students who get a low or high score on the first test - intro courses, later courses, and preferences - proctoring

3. Niff music display applet : 16:52

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From the webpage: Niffty is a Java applet which allows a composer to display NIFF formatted music notation on a web page. The user can format the page and print it using the browser's own Print function and, with the right Java version, play it as MIDI.

4. Compare notes with Dr. Sarmenta and Fanny : 17:54

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Bouncing ball act method, Actor interface 5 ball version of the pong game


object array and casting?

luis: bouncing ball thing, projectile thing, convenience method, today - searching, lastIndexOf, indexOf, break, convenience method

0.5 of the class 30 minutes for find nth occurrence, other people longer find all indices, return them as an array that is exactly as long as the number of indices. two approaches. space vs time. next - sorting and searching of grade records

fanny - arrays pa rin.


cs21a - basics, arrays, vectors cs21b - style

5. Feedback on LightsOnModel.java -- cs21a, education : 20:54

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From Miguel Paraz:

Yup. It reinforces the idea of attributes and minimizes the problem
with same-named parameters and local variables.


(They should know that they can omit this. most of the time, but it's
still a good idea.)

Just be careful with constructors that set the field from a parameter, as in: http://www.jspwiki.org/Wiki.jsp?page=WhyUsingThisIsBad

6. Just finished the [[CS21AFirst03#Exercises.Aquarium][Aquarium]] exercise : 23:16

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So that's two lab exercises written today, yay! I'd have settled for 5x5, but Dr. Sarmenta did loop() and I guess I need to go over 1-d arrays a bit more before going into 2-d ones. I'll still go through with the quiz tomorrow, though; I want to check what they know about declaring, creating and using arrays. How will I do it? Ah.

7. Wrote the quiz, too : 23:16

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8. Teaching reflections -- education : 23:46

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May I please drop the pronoun "I" from my entries? Darn thing's making me feel quite self-conscious. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but still, "I" is way overused. (I just said I is! Meep.)

Do forgive if suddenly writing style is abrupt. For some reason, am hearing Renee Zellweger as Bridget Jones in head.

Starting to shape up as a teacher. Very good. Having a lot of fun compiling exercises and writing them up neatly. In fact, spent all afternoon cleaning up CS21AFirst03#Exercises.FiveByFive, only to have Dr. Sarmenta suggest focusing on single-dimensional arrays for now. Ah well. Less work to do in future. Took off from work to spend time with mom, but still managed to finish CS21AFirst03#Exercises.Aquarium at relatively decent hour and with (in own opinion) good quality work. Looking forward to fun and student appreciation, as some students had expressed desire to see "fishies swimming about" or something like that.

Bought some useful books at the fair and shared some stuff from "The First Year Teacher's Survival Kit" over lunch earlier. For that matter, went to the canteen _thrice_ today as highly value conversations with other faculty members.

Also, am slowly resuming CS123 duties. Have e-mailed C++ experts hello world exercise to be disseminated to everyone else. Will follow up with more on Tuesday. Somewhat better. Have a bit more structure.

Accreditation re-review soon. Not certain what fuss is about, but am keen on being observed if observer plans to be in school when am organized teacher with funky lesson plans. Not good if will have one of those off days. Must not plan any off days, then.