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A1XWrite up the text twist exercise
A2XDownload a CSS2 reference
C1XResume from 2003.02.21
18:00 20:30 Khaire: Magsaya! A Literary Night, Quad 1

19. Free shell accounts : 07:57

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No outbound connections (telnet/ssh/web), but JM says they're very usable.

Link from JM Ibanez.

(Update 2003.09.30: JM says they offer web access through Lynx and W3M, and they have Emacs and a BBS. Ooh, Emacs. Great!)

18. "Britain's "Cyborg Scientist" Spreads Cyber-gospel" : 08:03

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British cyber-evangelist Kevin Warwick is on a government-funded tour around Asia to promote robotics education at all grade levels. Warwick recently enthralled a gathering of 300 students in Singapore with his collection of robots and video clips of his ... http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2003-5/0924w.html#item11

Article at http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2003/9/23/latest/14172Britains&sec=latest

Asia! ARGH! Argh argh argh argh argh argh...

17. More news about opencourseware --- education : 08:08

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"MIT Everyware" Starting in September, people with the appropriate Internet connection will be able to access material from 500 MIT courses through the university's OpenCourseWare program, with an additional 1,500 courses to be posted online over the next three ... http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2003-5/0924w.html#item15

16. More about Flash MX on Linux : 08:36

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Mounting the CD onto the other computer and sharing it over the network.

15. du -h --- linux : 09:00

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watch du -h is amazingly useful. It lets you easily monitor a large filesystem copy.

14. zvon.org : 09:31

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http://www.zvon.org has a lot of XML, HTML and CSS references, although the site is a bit slow.

13. Free online books : 11:35

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(UPDATE: 2004.01.22: Dhruvaraj S. says it's now at http://www.dhruvaraj.com)

12. Radical simplification of design : 13:02

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I just realized that the whole point of the system I'm making is peer review. Not another submission system, but peer review and how I'm going to use it in class. I am somewhat peeved with myself.

So, the components I need to focus on are:

- defining the review graph - requiring everyone to post a URL to their work - requiring everyone to submit a review of their buddies

11. Oops, have to continue working on CS21A : 13:02

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Put off CS215 while new ideas simmer on the back burner.

10. Still having problems with MX : 14:40

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Apparently, it's stalling on the Installshield Wizard. Do I have to subscribe to winex for this? Hmm...

9. More realizations : 14:40

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To support peer review and self evaluation, actually, I need a general way to do surveys and evaluations using pre-defined rubrics.

8. gray clouds fight white clouds : 18:50

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gray clouds fight white clouds
the sky as their battlefield —
mountains playing chess

7. khaire magsaya! --- music, lit : 20:28

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Can't help but blog this - it's just so cool.

A pair of people - one singing a jazzy version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" accompanied by another who did the drums with his voice. Another - a larger group - this time, including cymbals and disc scratching. Way fun. Apparently, this is called beat boxing. They can carry the beat while humming the rest of the tune and sneaking a lot of the words in too. Wow. No more drum sets. They even did fast forward, play and reverse. Hmm. Element No. 5. And one of them did a one man band too!

Also, nice poetry. I like the way they play with sounds.

6. Python Emacs : 21:51

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I was going through my old wiki entries and I found a link to http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?PyMacs on 2003.03.21. Cool.

5. Kitten update : 22:03

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Cross-reference: KittenWhoMustNotBeNamed#2

4. Wow, remember-to-planner-plan-page still works : 22:04

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It does my funky cross-referencing too...

3. Computer Science Unplugged --- education : 22:06

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Originally blogged on 2003.04.01

In the thread "CS for 5th graders" on the ACM SIGCSE members mailing list, Beth Simon writes:

The unequivocal winner is "Computer Science Unplugged" A book available in print or electronically at: http://unplugged.canterbury.ac.nz/

The summary also points to math games and puzzles.

I should look that link up again in preparation for SMIT-Ed. I find that I may actually be helpful...

2. Mario Carreon leaving UP Diliman : 22:11

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Mario Carreon is planning to transfer to UP Baguio to help his sister. I'll miss exchanging ideas with him over dinner. I'm sure he'll do well there. =)

1. Alphabet blocks --- education, fixme : 22:30

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Next time, I should buy those large alphabet blocks. I can use them for a lot of examples: arrays, vectors, shuffling, searching, sorting...