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by the way sacha, however did you find out that i had linked you to my blog already? and a correction to your own post - i'm an MIS graduate, not CS... =)

Logs. I periodically check my logs for new links and search queries - kinda fun.

sacha just gave me even more headaches with that sort problem i gave her - i guess i ought to up the ante and find some other problem for her to sort out. she DID have a point with the efficiency problem...

I've gotten to the point where I don't have to solve all the questions people give me. ;) In fact, I prefer making _them_ think about it. Mwahahaha!

i saw sacha last night, but i didn't get to introduce myself to her. darn. there'll be a next time, for sure... and i was reading through her wiki again last night, and noticed a cute article she wrote on relating with her. does that mean i have to up my geekiness notch to get to know her? i hope i don't have to go overboard on that. she also has another reflection along the same tune (this time on marriage), which is also an interesting read.

<evil grin> Computer geekiness an advantage but not a requirement; interest in something is essential. =)