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1. [[bbdb://Dean.*Michael.*Berris][Dean Michael Berris]] on programming languages : 10:29

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It's easily characterized more realistically in the real world. If you know how the English language works, it doesn't mean that you'd be good at it — you have to know the words you could use to convey the message you want to express. So sentence formation (subject verb agreement, appropriate tense, etc.) is not the crux of learning English (or any spoken language for that matter) but rather the actual use (practice) and semantics of the language — as well as an expanded vocabulary of the terms available to the user.

2. From friendster : 10:40

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Cross-reference: PersonalityQuizzes#1

3. : 11:17

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luze - reviewer gives away the secret

blue panthers ragnaroking lt col2

end pacman


How to have a character first - just an abstract thing moving along a screen. jaze read about the keylistener so that we can move around and make the position change. delegated tasks for specific buttons. No attack and jump at first. arrow buttons first, walk and run, which just changes the x position and the y position just remains the same. And then - what else - the images. Lui: got the images from the Internet and from the hard disk, recycled. Upper left taken from Diablo. Inverted and and colorized. Screenshot. Edited. The life bar - edited, they did that by hand. The background and the sprites from the Internet. Mario, emulator.

Improvements - collisions

- Death animations - Multijump off - Smooth scrolling - Press enter. Old games.

2 minutes


Quick walk-through of their code with lots of info 2 minutes


6 minutes. Excellent!

Lt Col 2

Sounds, real-time.