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13:00 Tiffany's finals
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1. Notes : 17:58

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- Yancy knows Eric. Worked with him on a project before. - There's another person: Rich.

Launch next month. Jeff. Launcher, changing skins. Tickertape and push advertisements.

- I'll need a copy of the source code. I can get started on that early. - Development environment included, but will probably require Windows. I don't have a machine to deal with this. - Does it already have realtime hooks, or will you have to code that in? - Binaries for different platforms. - Target the 7650.

- Tickertape - Screensaver

Skinnable launcher - No tickertape design yet; what's their source for the data? - Push advertisements

Risks - Need to find out how to get information for the tickertape - No details on how to push information yet - Not sure about realtime use - None of the original programmers - Possible ethical problems - memo of agreement? - Haven't set up development environment yet - Blech, it's Windows code - Visual Basic... - No development tools - Business sense of making the ads - accepted by Globe - two weeks prototype?