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7. JavaKara : 09:06

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Turtle graphics? Should be fun in a general compsci course... =)

E-Mail from Rafael 'Dido' Sevilla

6. Japanese blog : 10:04

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5. Basic UML : 17:36

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Prepared some Rather Nice slides for a basic introduction to UML. Followed the format from Martin's training kit for the objectives and prepared a template for this and future slides. Am quite happy with the template and overall look of slide set.

No Microsoft products were harmed in the making of this presentation. OpenOffice.org is way cool.

Download basic-uml: SXI PPT PS

4. CookOrDie: Day 6 : 17:43

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Brought leftovers from The Barn. Reason that as needed to use microwave in order to reheat (pesto+chicken pasta and mixed kebabs), food still qualifies under CookOrDie project. Besides, have dinner plans later, so must plan to CookOrDie for lunch.


3. CS21A yesterday (2003.11.17) : 17:47

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Formally explained what we were doing in BlueJ. Defined class, object, attribute, and method. As was asked nicely, also talked about iteration - do ... while loop, while ... loop. BlueJ idea excellent fun as students motivated to learn more because of cool graphics.

Thinking of introducing conditionals next. DrunkenBug walk.

Allen asked for extra tutorials as he has an extra hour. Took him on a whirlwind tour of Java.

2. CS161 yesterday (2003.11.17) : 17:49

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Managed to lecture for the entire hour. Went through slide set 1. Come to think of it, lecture was probably supposed to last an entire week. Whoops.

Plan for next session: review of first slide set (must be interactive!) and maybe introduction to next set. Must try to wake up early this time.

1. Lessons from work : 18:24

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According to JM Ibanez:
1) Always bring a jacket, or at least wear something warm. I got one of
the worst cubicles in the room-- right under the aircon vent. And now,
I'm typing this while I'm freezing my ass off. And I'm shivering.

2) Keep a notebook to jot down stuff. Especially any expenses you incur.

3) Take note of when your breaks are. You might never get another chance
to go to the bathroom, especially if you're boss calls you to a meeting.
(Thankfully, I've never been called to a meeting. Yet.)

4) Lay low... showing off tends to get more work piled on you. ;)

5) Enjoy your work. :)

E-Mail from Jan Michael Ibanez