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A1XBrowse Games in the Classroom {{Tasks:22}} (TeachingIdeas)
A2XCheck if I fixed said planner bug. {{Tasks:164}}
A3XSee if I have a new planner bug {{Tasks:162}}
A4XComment on gen's submission {{Tasks:149}} (E-Mail from Gennile Chris Perol)
A5XComment on kenny's submission {{Tasks:148}} (E-Mail from Kendrick Saavedra)
A6XTunnel subversions () {{Tasks:147}}
A7XComment on Stephanie's submission {{Tasks:150}} (E-Mail from Stephanie Ng)
A8XComment on Kid's submission {{Tasks:152}} (E-Mail from Kid Bulanon)
A9XComment on Kristina's submission {{Tasks:151}} (E-Mail from Kristina M. Lim)
A10XMerge in date selection for PlannerMode {{Tasks:135}} (E-Mail from Brent Goodrick)
A11XComment on toppy's submission {{Tasks:153}} (E-Mail from Christopher San Diego)
A12XComment on James' submission {{Tasks:154}} (E-Mail from James Gregorio)
A13XComment on paowiee's submission {{Tasks:156}} (E-Mail from Juan Paulo Ilustre)
A14XComment on Marge's submission {{Tasks:155}} (E-Mail from milkteaz)
A15XComment on cricket's submission {{Tasks:160}} (E-Mail from c. r. i. c. k. e. t.)
A16XComment on Chrina's submission {{Tasks:159}} (E-Mail from chRina)
A17XComment on Lori's submission {{Tasks:158}} (E-Mail from Lori Ann Ganzon)
A18XComment on JV's submission {{Tasks:157}} (E-Mail from Jan Vincent Liwanag)
A19XActually write the ticket machine class {{Tasks:161}} (CS21A.Teaching)
A20XGet a copy of Felder, R. M. and Solomon, B. A., "Index of Learning Styles# (ILS)," North Carolina State University, Available at http://www2.ncsu.edu/unity/lockers/users/f/felder/public/ILSpage.html {{Tasks:25}} (TeachingIdeas)
A21XPay apartment expenses {{Tasks:107}}

3. Blue LED on Fujitsu Lifebook P1110 under Linux : 21:24

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http://www.greenfly.org/fujitsu/ looks like it has instructions for getting this to work. I might have to mess around with the kernel, so I'll put that off for now.

2. [[http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=948804&coll=ACM&dl=ACM&CFID=14475704&CFTOKEN=19358801][An assessment and evaluation of computer science education]] : 21:26

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1. subtasks? : 22:51

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