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16:30 18:00 CompSAt talk: Talks.LinuxAdvocacy.CompSAt
16:30 Party for Dr. Dayrit (CTC 201)

4. Open source in colleges : 20:22

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The most successful effort so far has been uPortal, which has produced open-source code for campuswide Web portals at more than 100 American colleges.

- Should check that out...

3. Spaceants' blog, emacs-wiki : 20:17

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While searching for Google:linux+academe, ran across http://www.spaceants.org/bloz/2003/Apr . Reference to http://www.emacswiki.org, my OnLove page, and Linux; I _must_ have written this person before to comment on that...

2. Leatherette repair : 20:09

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I need to find a way to touch-up the leatherette on my trenchcoat, as it apparently got stretched beyond its capacity in some areas and needs fixing. Same with my skirt, too.

That said, the leatherette's much lighter than a corresponding leather coat, so I still think it's a good idea.

Hmmmm. I need to get conference wear.

1. Bleah. Checking account has age requirement. : 12:27

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Apparently, I need to be at least 21 for the checking account. I guess I'll just set up electronic bank transfers, then.

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