Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XTest from plan page again (PlannerMode)
A2XTest plan day pages again
A3XTesting new info-based task from plan page {{Tasks:211}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
A4XTesting new info-based task from buffer creation {{Tasks:209}} (../../notebook/emacs/emacs-wiki/planner.el)
A5XTesting new info-based creation {{Tasks:205}}
A6XCheck if new create task works from planner plan page {{Tasks:204}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
A7XCheck if new create task works from planner day page {{Tasks:203}}
A8XCheck if new create task works from non-planner page. {{Tasks:202}} (../../notebook/emacs/emacs-wiki/planner.el)
A9XGet a list of the applications in the Knoppix image {{Tasks:191}} (Talks.LinuxAdvocacy.CompSAt)
A10XDownload the Knoppix image {{Tasks:190}} (Talks.LinuxAdvocacy.CompSAt)
A11XPrepare a Linux talk for CompSAt {{Tasks:189}}
A12XPrepare Linux talk for Engels {{Tasks:170}}
8:30 8:55 Registration
8:55 9:00 National Anthem with the Lyceum Chorale
9:00 9:05 Invocation led by Sen. Jovito Salonga
9:05 9:10 Welcome Address By Lyceum President, Atty. Roberto Laurel
9:10 9:15 Introduction of Keynote Speaker by CCS Dean Vicente Pijano
9:15 10:00 Keynote Address
10:00 10:45 Linux and other Open Source Software by Bluepoint
10:45 10:50 Intermission Number
10:50 11:10 APC
11:10 11:55 Linux in the Academe by Ms. Sacha Chua of ADMU
11:55 12:00 Open Forum
13:00 14:00 Do-it Yourself Unbreakable Linux
14:00 15:00 Windows to Linux Migration
15:00 15:10 BREAK
15:10 16:10 Mission-Critical Enterprise Computing
16:10 16:30 Open Forum
16:30 18:00 Ignatian Spirituality for Everyday People, TFI follw up (2nd floor, Gonzaga)

1. Day 11: 2003.12.04 (late entry) : 00:37

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