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12. Two-minute mysteries : 23:11

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http://www.sd22.bc.ca/silverstar/writing/mysteries/mysteries.html an archive of the sort of thing you're looking for,

http://www.qesn.meq.gouv.qc.ca/schools/olp/2mmclub/solve.htm "The 2-minute mystery writing club" I didn't browse through the ones listed; they're written by school children, but that doesn't really mean anything about the quality...

http://www.qesn.meq.gouv.qc.ca/schools/olp/2mmsolve/current.htm Same organization as the above, but these seem to be from anybody who wants to submit.

http://www.transformationalthinking.com/html/two_minute_mysteries.html Don't know what the group behind this page is about, but give it a try.

E-Mail from Barbara Bailey

11. enable1.txt : 23:02

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10. Tutorial: Writing a new Emacs mode : 22:47

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9. Went out with Diane =) : 22:38

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Hot chocolate at Seattle's Best - excellent chocolate, much better than Starbucks. Watched fireworks, too.

Perfect date, 'cept (a) she's my girl friend, so it's not _that_ kind of a date, and (b) she kept thinking about a certain someone almost all the time. <laugh> Still, good to spend time with her.

8. Testing 1 2 3 : 17:52

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4 5 6 7 8 9


7. Applying learning style theory to college education : 17:40

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6. Bluepoint road tour : 16:49

Last Friday (December 5, 2003), I joined the Bluepoint Road Tour to talk about Linux in the academe (SXI). I shared my experiences with Linux as a student and as a teacher, and I also showed how it makes sense from the administrator's point of view. It was tons of fun, particularly fielding questions during the open forum! =)

Dominique went out of his way to escort me from Ateneo to Lyceum - I'd literally have been lost without him. Karma++. <grin> That made him a little late for his keynote speech (whoops!), but Magie covered for him by extending her talk for 15 minutes more. He talked about IBM and Linux.

I finally got to meet Eddie Salonga. I knew him from BBSing, but hadn't met him until then. His parents joined us for dinner at Oody's in Greenbelt; apparently, his dad is a senator. (Nice guy; smiles a lot!)

- http://www.bluepoint.com.ph/roadtour/ - http://www.lyceumphil.edu.ph/bluepoint.html

5. Testing the hopefully fixed restrictions : 15:42

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I was having problems with planner-update-task messing around with my restrictions. Phooey.


4. Note guids : 15:30

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Notes should probably have GUIDs so that I can do update-notes as well. However, note updating does not really make sense with remember-planner-copy-on-xref set to nil...


3. Testing remember.el : 15:28

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I seem to have broken something recently.

2. Numbering on a per-page level : 15:28

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I wonder if setting planner-reverse-chronological-notes as a file-local variable makes sense. I can't think of a reason to use it, though...


1. Gerald Generoso's comment on ComputerScienceEducationResearch --- good karma : 02:56