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10. Chess : 18:58

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Move W (M) B (S)
1 e4 e5
2 Nf3 Nc6
3 Nc3 Bb4
4 Nd5 Ba5
5 c3 Nf6
6 b4 Nxd5
7 exd5 e4
8 dxc6 exf3
9 bxa5 Qe7+
10 Be2 fxe2
11 Qxe2 Qxe7+
12 Kxe2 dxe6
13 Ba3 Be6
14 d4 b6
15 Bb4 Kd7
16 Rhb1 Bc4+
17 Ke3 Rhe8+
18 Kf4 Re2
19 Rd1 Rxf2
20 Kg3 Rxa2
21 Kf4 Rxg2
22 Ke5 Rxh2
23 d5 Re8+
24 Kf4 c5
25 axb6 axb6
26 Kg3 Ree2
27 Kf3 Rd2
28 Ke4 Bxd5+
29 Ke5 cxb4
30 cxb4 f6+
31 Kf5 Be6+
32 Ke4 |Kc6
33 Rab1 Rxd1
34 Rxd1 Rh4+
35 Kd3 Rxb4
36 Rc1+ Kd6
37 Kc3 |Rc4+
38 resign ...

9. Chess with M. : 18:17

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Move W(M) B(S)
1 e4 e5
2 d4 exd4
3 Qxd4 Nc6
4 Qc4 Nf6
5 Bd3 d5
6 Qc3 dxe4
7 Bxe4 Bb4
8 Bd2 Bxc3
9 Nxc3 Nxe4
10 Nxe4 Nd4
11 o-o-o| Bf4
12 Re1 o-o
13 Nf3 Re8
14 Bd3 Re4
15 Nd4 Rxd4
16 Bxd4 Qxd4
17 Rd1 Qxf2
18 Rd2 Qxd2 to make the game interesting
19 Kxd2 g5
20 h4 g5
21 g3 h8
22 Rf1 Bg6
23 Ke3 Kf8
24 Rf4 c6
25 c4 Ke7
26 Rd4 Re8
27 Kf4 Rd8
28 Rxd8 Kxd8
29 Ke5 Kc7
30 b4 Kb6
31 c5 Kb5
32 a3 a5
33 Kd4 axb4
34 axb4 Kxb4
35 resign ...

8. Group reviews : 17:17

Watching the students help each other review gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I know they'll probably think it's a way for me to get out of teaching - and who knows, that'll probably affect my evaluations - but I think that in their communal meaning-making, they're learning a lot more than from my lectures.

What about the primarily visual learners? I've had a number of people ask me for handouts. I should think about doing something in the line of man perlintro...

7. Kids' software for Linux : 12:18

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6. "Transforming Non-Geeks Into Computer Whizzes" : 11:47

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Ellen Spertus, who runs an interdisciplinary computer science graduate program at Mills College in Oakland, Calif., is attempting to break myths about computer geeks in the hopes of bringing more women--and other persons with non-technical ... http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2003-5/1210w.html#item12 / Oooh. Ellen Spertus was geek of the year or something like that. =) Hmmm...

E-Mail from technews@hq.acm.org

5. Contemplating trip : 00:53

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Mom brought up ideas for trip abroad. Find am looking forward to travelling the world and exchanging ideas. Am thinking of going to Australia and New Zealand this summer to check out universities, as many of the universities that do ComputerScienceEducationResearch are there. Besides, remember AU as more fun than US, and have many friends to visit. Wonder where Andrew Clausen is now? Homepage says Victoria; should put University of Melbourne on tour map, as would very much like to thank Andrew for helping introduce me to Linux. (Wonder if he still remembers how to play Speed?)

4. Rice : 00:41

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Parents very supportive of CookOrDie project. Suspect they find it funny as youngest daughter makes far-out attempts to become "independent girl" while still remaining v. close to parents. To wit: have told them about double-entry accounting (but have been slipping these days due to rush-rush CookOrDie grocery shopping), CookOrDie project, and even contemplated SewOrDie project as cannot easily find clothes to wear - teacher clothes somewhat boring, but most clothes my size too casual. (That said, find The Black Shop a nice place to window shop.)

As result of parental support, have now acquired full complement of pots, pans, and knives. Parents have thankfully kept space and cooking limitations of CookOrDie project in mind - no huge woks or for-several-thousand-people pans.

Parents unbelievably keen on youngest daughter learning how to cook. Parents enlisted help of company cook in teaching how to make rice, although as had been very busy this weekend, had not actually had time. However, performed rice experiment earlier with mom with great success.

Cooked 1/2 cup rice traditional way and 1/2 cup rice microwave way. Did not actually know correct microwave procedure, so guessed. Microwave finished first, but had problems with boiling over - suspect must use deeper casserole. Traditional way documented on rice package resulted in good rice after 20 minutes, although also resulted in crunchy part which most Filipinos like but personally am not particularly fond of.

Also, prepared very first cup of tsokolate. May need strainer, but is v. nice - although a bit rich. Perhaps water instead of milk is advisable.

3. Backlog: Potatoes, beef, bacon - real this time - and cheese - 2003.12.12 : 00:33

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- Microwave second pink potato for 5 minutes. - Cook half of second slice of bacon. (Still unable to figure out how to get nice, crispy bacon, and am about to give up and always chuck it into the microwave.) - Brown ground beef. Add plenty of salt and pepper. (This is starting to sound very familiar.) - Flip potato and microwave for another 2 minutes. - Mash potato, beef, and bacon together. - Add diced cheese to amalgam and mix thoroughly. - Pop into microwave and set for a few minutes under "Grill" in attempt to brown potato mixture nicely..

2. Backlog: Mashed potatoes, beef, and bacon bits - 2003.12.11 : 00:29

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Another quickie meal as had class in less than 30 minutes.

- Grab large pink potatoes from supermarket, as convenience justifies expense. - Also buy 1/8 kg. ground beef. - Ensure that salt, pepper, and bacon bits containers were firmly closed. Throw them into school bag for very quick lunch in school. - Hastily wash large plastic container in school. - Pop washed, pricked, pink potato into container and microwave for 5 minutes. - Flip pink potato. - Pack ground beef into small plastic container and place it into microwave along with flipped potato. - Microwave potato and beef for 2 minutes. - Pour some bacon bits onto plastic lid. Microwave for 20 seconds to make bacon bits crunchy. - Pick up ground beef with fork, as fat had rendered in the plastic container. Place ground beef in large container with well-cooked potato. - Dump bacon bits into large container. - Tear potato apart with fork and spoon, effectively mashing potato with beef and bacon bits. Sprinkle with lots of pepper and mix thoroughly. - Look at the clock and start panicking.

1. Backlog: Beef, beans, and bacon in buns - 2003.12.10 : 00:16

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Whoops, hadn't been writing. Have, however, faithfully adhered to constraints of CookOrDie. Last Wednesday, threw together quickie lunch of ground beef, pork and beans, and bacon (real bacon!) in hamburger buns. Decent meal - reminded me a bit of some meal I'd eaten before but forgotten.

Preparation was fairly simple.

- Attempted to cook bacon. - Became disturbed as bacon does not brown after a few minutes of cooking. - Suspected that constant flipping to check doneness did not contribute to quick cooking of bacon. - Consoled self by browning 1/8 kg. of ground beef in same pan. - Opened can of pork and beans impulsively bought day before and dumped contents in aforementioned pan. - Stirred for a few minutes and poured results into hastily cleaned plastic container. - Stuffed extra hamburger buns into storage bags and into ref. - Grabbed remaining hamburger buns and container with meat and beans mixture and headed off to school.