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Cosmo VTR?


2. Ooooooh, call!

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So my bag rung earlier, and an unfamiliar Australian voice said, "Hi, Sacha! My name is Sam. We talked on the Net before," or something like that. I was, like, ummm... then he introduced himself as Sam Watkins, and I laughed and thanked him for the book. He's a really nice guy. His ideas are a bit far-out and almost pseudo-science-ish, and I'd rather not be a discouraging (and possibly wrong) skeptic, but he's a great human.

1. Girl!

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Got all dolled up yesterday for the Mobile Philippines shoot, which was tons of fun. Good makeup artist, great photographer - and they were somewhat surprised at the ease at which I could be posed and whatnot. Shrugged and explained that my father's into advertising, so... <laugh>

I guess people will just have to wait for the pictures in the magazine. I think that issue will be out by first week or two of February.

Typing this after the Cosmo VTR. Let's see what happens to that. I'm starting to hope I get it. That'd be tons of fun, although a little bit freaky, as it seems to be a telecom ad thing. (WHEW! So it's _not_ the magazine! Cosmopolitan Promotions and Casting Agency.)

So, am I about to go mainstream? ;)