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2. Another one of those people =)

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... some conversation about how I'm only 20 and already a teacher ...
<houd1ni> sachac if you were my teacher I'd get you drunk
<sachac> houd1ni: Tough. I don't drink.
<houd1ni> and make funny pictures of you :)
<houd1ni> sachac uhm... no vice ?
<houd1ni> no smoke drink drugs ?
<sachac> houd1ni: Clean.
<houd1ni> what kind of a man are you ?
<sachac> houd1ni: Obviously you haven't researched enough about me.
<houd1ni> sachac I didnt research nothing about you.
<houd1ni> sachac I was only bored and looked at different pages.
<sachac> houd1ni: Short answer: I'm not.
<houd1ni> sachac you are not what ?
<sachac> houd1ni: Hmm. Actually, there's another answer to your question. I am Homo sapiens sapiens. ;b
<houd1ni> sachac you are confusing me
<houd1ni> are you homo-sexual ?
<houd1ni> :)
<houd1ni> what does homo sapiens sapiens mean ?
<houd1ni> sachac what is homo sapiens sapiens anyways ?
<joeldahom> whats this bs about homo sapiens
<joeldahom> :)
<houd1ni> uhm...
<houd1ni> uhmm
<houd1ni> noone knows what home 2 x sapiens is.
<houd1ni> :)
<sachac> houd1ni: You probably don't know what it's like to be one. ;)
<houd1ni> cmon sachac enlighten me
<sachac> Will all the Homo sapiens sapiens in this channel please raise an appendage?
<sachac> (Nothing obscene, now. =) )
<houd1ni> sachac cant you drop the riddles ?
<houd1ni> I'm a low iq guy
<joeldahom> power to the people
<houd1ni> oh yeah all the homo 2x sapiens make a club
<houd1ni> :)
<houd1ni> sachac you are alone.
<sachac> <sniff>
<sachac> I guess I really am the only Homo sapiens in here.
<sachac> Oh well.
<sachac> Figured as much.
<houd1ni> sachac is the only homo 2 x sapiens in the world
<houd1ni> :)
... time passes ...
<houd1ni> oh man my stomach hurts..
<houd1ni> I hate girls.
<houd1ni> sachac you are smart. if I was a girl I'd merry you
<houd1ni> hehe
<darko``> I thought sachac was a girl :/
/notice darko`` Shhhh! I was having too much fun!
-darko``- ACK! Okay :)
<houd1ni> is not.
<houd1ni> he is homo sapiens sapiens
<houd1ni> whatever that means.

Continued on 2004.02.11

1. Modeline

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