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16:30 18:00 School forum


2. The continuing saga

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<coke> sachac: oh you got called "dude"? :)
<houdini> I think I called sachac a "dude" :)
<houdini> that was quite funny
<coke> sachac: log?
<coke> sachac: i just scroll back :P
<houdini> I'm still not convinced it's a she. :)
 * coke slaps houdini
<Nico> that works well today, reading houdini's mind ;)
<houdini> Nico haha
<coke> don't offend ladies :P
<chexsum> houdini, sachac owns you
<houdini> coke hold on here... a lady tricked some men and she became the Pope
 * sachac whistles innocently.
<houdini> chexsum nobody owns me.
<sachac> houdini: 1 0wnz j00. ;b
<houdini> sachac alright. prove it.
<houdini> words are only words... the facts matter/
<coke> houdini: lots of facts on sachac on google
<chexsum> facts have been presented
<sachac> houdini: I don't have to convince you. Your opinion doesn't really matter to me. =)
<houdini> sachac that's always a good and evasive excuse isnt it ?
 * coke thinks it is the best excuse not to care about what others think of you
<houdini> coke it's easy to write an article or something. you document yourself and write the paper.
<steg> houdini: They say the best excuses are true ;)
<coke> houdini: riiight... even when it is on other big sites?
<houdini> hehe
<Nico> coke, but as well sometimes the best thing you can do
<houdini> coke big sites like... ?
<coke> houdini: just google
<houdini> coke I will use google...
<houdini> alright..
<steg> houdini: Anyway, prove your opinion matters to me :)
<houdini> sorry chief...but I dont see any of those big sites.
<houdini> enlighten me.
<houdini> this is not a contest or anything.
<houdini> just my curiosity
 * coke thinks it is not worth wasting time on houdini
<chexsum> houdini - you dont know what to look for
<houdini> chexsum sacha chua
<chexsum> bleh

1. Awwww, he finally found out

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<houd1ni> viking667 yesterday I was very impressed w/ sachac
 *** Your new nickname is sachAway
<houd1ni> he is a smart dude
<houd1ni> I didnt expect to see smart people from .ph
<houd1ni> I have to admit that.
<viking667> houd1ni: mrmm? What did he say?
<houd1ni> now I changed my mind.
<houd1ni> ah nothing in particular
<viking667> oh - she, sorry.
<houd1ni> general stuff.
<houd1ni> it's a he
<viking667> sachac isn't a he.
<houd1ni> are you sure ?
<viking667> I know her.
<jamesconf> bahahahaha
<viking667> houd1ni: remember how long I've been here for - since 1997
<houd1ni> dude viking667 we are nick arround here
<houd1ni> you cant be sure it's a she
<syn-ack> houd1ni: you think everyone who uses Linux and uses it WELL has to be a female?
<syn-ack> a male, that is
<viking667> houd1ni: as I said, I know sachac. I've been around long enough to correct that mistake.
<syn-ack> houd1ni: would you like to see a pic of her?
<houd1ni> syn-ack I guess yeah.
<syn-ack> houd1ni: lemme find it....
<syn-ack> houd1ni: http://www.offdwall.net/gallery/linops/abh
<houd1ni> syn-ack I'll take alook
<houd1ni> dude you cant convince me.
<houd1ni> you know they got tricked by a woman...
<houd1ni> and she became a Pope
<Nico> houdini, well, it came out, when she gave birth on easter, on the stairs of St. Peter in the vatican ;)
<houd1ni> Nico hehe see ? you cant be sure sachac is a female
<viking667> houd1ni: actually, we can be sure.
<Nico> houd1ni, as a matter of fact, after some time on IRC, you know whom you can trust, and whom not ...
<viking667> Several of the ops could theoretically have "met" her eyeball
<Nico> especially if you have met someone ... not saying that i have met sachac
<houd1ni> Nico alright !
<houd1ni> I'm conviced
<houd1ni> it's a she.
<houd1ni> I see girls on the page syn-ack pasted
<houd1ni> I can see nico too :)
<syn-ack> houd1ni: Ive not pasted a thing to that site yet...
<houd1ni> syn-ack ?
<syn-ack> Ive commented on the site, but I havent pasted,
<houd1ni> http://www.offdwall.net/gallery/linops/aaf
<houd1ni> nico :)
<syn-ack> houd1ni: um, yes, thats nico, and?
<Nico> there is nothing i omit ... you just need to do what i am telling you
<houd1ni> syn-ack I'm excited.
<houd1ni> viking667 dont you have a picture ?
<viking667> houd1ni: I rely on previous piccies I've seen.
<wset> yes
<houd1ni> viking667 do you have a picture of yourself ?
<viking667> She looked pretty good in her kit too.
<viking667> houd1ni: actually, no - not one that's on the computer.
<viking667> I haven't had my hand on a scanner that actually WORKS for a LONG time.
<houd1ni> viking667 I see.
<houd1ni> viking667 I've seen some really nice girls in that pictures
<houd1ni> like dreamd or somehting.
<houd1ni> I'm impressed.
<syn-ack> houd1ni: please do us a favor....shoot yourself.
<houd1ni> syn-ack aaa I tried. missed the target.
<syn-ack> too bad. :/
<houd1ni> syn-ack what is your problem ?
<syn-ack> houd1ni: you sound so abosulty AMAZED that a WOMAN can use linux....like they are sub par to a man...Its
<houd1ni> syn-ack you dont understand. I have absolutely nothing against women.
<viking667> heh heh heh - look out, houd1ni - they're after you <grin>
<houd1ni> but... I didnt meet women that can use linux
<houd1ni> that's all
<Nico> houd1ni, my mother can use linux, and she's 64
<viking667> Hell!  My WIFE uses Linux!!!
<houd1ni> I discovered something new and I'm impressed
<houd1ni> what is wrong with that ?
<syn-ack> My old roomate used Liux just fine
<viking667> She's most certainly NOT a Computer geek.
<Nico> ( and she is a elementary school teacher, not that this is a problem really ;)
<syn-ack> and she was a girl.....
<houd1ni> Nico woman usually preffer windows-like OS's
<syn-ack> liux too
<houd1ni> or OS/2 you know
<viking667> The funny thing is - gI gave her a choice of Linux or Win98, she chose Linux.

Awwwwww, someone finally let the cat out of the bag... &lt;mock pout&gt;