6. Wonderful day today!

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Had a very lazy Saturday afternoon with Diane. Wonderful. =D

5. RSS feed now available!

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Please complain loudly if this doesn't seem to work, as it's alpha.

4. Bookmarking

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<sachac> forcer: If I run across an interesting URL, I file it right away with some context clues.
<sachac> forcer: If I need to refer to it again, I use a small elisp function that searches my notes.
<sachac> forcer: It's a bit more context-sensitive than bookmarks, and it allows me to share the data with other people.
<forcer> ah
<sachac> forcer: If I feel diligent, I put it into my BBDB. Then I can hippie-expand from it in my mail and in chat.
<sachac> forcer: For example, tldpM-/ is
<forcer> so to say, you have a list of URLs and associated text :)
<sachac> forcer: The Linux Documentation Project (http://www.tldp.org) is an excellent resource for newbies and
         experienced users alike. Check out its HOWTOs and guides for tons of information. There's a Linux Cookbook in
         there too, I think...
<forcer> :)
<sachac> forcer: Not really. I have random blog notes which occasionally have URLs. I can search on that and on the text
         around it.
<sachac> forcer: I can also figure out when I visited a site...
<forcer> ah
<sachac> forcer: ... and since planner.el captures all sorts of annotations, I can usually even tell you how I found out
         about the page - it gets linked to an e-mail or to another planner page...
<sachac> forcer: The e-mail links take me directly to the article, if it hasn't been expired yet.
<sachac> forcer: If not, well, it's a message ID and it has the author's name, so I guess I can just search. <laugh>
<sachac> forcer: Pretty useful system, a bit more flexible than bookmarks (at least for me.)

3. Hey, RSS blogging seems to work!

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And it still validates, which is always a very good thing...


2. Blogging to RDF

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1. RSS export

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A really hairy hack promises to let me do RSS export of blogged entries. It's in rss.el right now. Warning - it's absurdly nasty.