Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
A1XCheck {{Tasks:501}} (E-Mail from Gerald Abrencillo)
A2XCome up with pre-final grades {{Tasks:487}} (CS161.Teaching)
A3XCheck OS project 2 {{Tasks:486}} (CS161.Teaching)
A4XCheck {{Tasks:508}} (E-Mail from Cha Gascon)
A5XCheck {{Tasks:510}} (E-Mail from Romelo Santos)
A6XCheck {{Tasks:509}} (E-Mail from ben ting)
A7XCheck {{Tasks:511}} (E-Mail from just i.)
A8XCheck {{Tasks:512}} (E-Mail from James Ching)
A9XCheck {{Tasks:516}} (E-Mail from Mike Gonzalez)
A10XCheck {{Tasks:515}} (E-Mail from m. i. m. i.)
A11XCheck {{Tasks:514}} (E-Mail from C. Alvarez)
A12XCheck {{Tasks:513}} (E-Mail from Miguel Arguelles)
A13XCheck {{Tasks:519}} (E-Mail from Cliff)
A14XCheck {{Tasks:518}} (E-Mail from Gerald Abrencillo)
A15XCheck {{Tasks:517}} (E-Mail from Jacky Chan)
A16XMake modified true-or-false questions for OS finals {{Tasks:479}} (E-Mail from Ariel Maguyon)
A17XCheck {{Tasks:493}} (E-Mail from Cha Gascon)
A18XCheck OS project 1 {{Tasks:485}} (CS161.Teaching)
A19XCheck {{Tasks:494}} (E-Mail from r.)
A20XCheck {{Tasks:495}} (E-Mail from ben ting)
A21XCheck {{Tasks:500}} (E-Mail from Paolo Vanni M. Veñegas)
A22XCheck {{Tasks:499}} (E-Mail from Paolo Vanni M. Veñegas)
A23XCheck {{Tasks:498}} (E-Mail from myron de guzman)
A24XCheck {{Tasks:496}} (E-Mail from Jacky Chan)
A25XCheck {{Tasks:502}} (E-Mail from Miggylicious!)
A26XCheck {{Tasks:503}} (E-Mail from Miguel Arguelles)
A27XCheck {{Tasks:504}} (E-Mail from martin cruz)
A28XCheck {{Tasks:505}} (E-Mail from Bit Santos)
A29XCheck {{Tasks:506}} (E-Mail from James Ching)
C1XCheck out htmlize.el {{Tasks:397}} (E-Mail from Bastien)
C2XCheck out htmlfontify {{Tasks:404}} (E-Mail from bastien guerry)



7. Sample array code

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import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

 * Demo class for arrays
 * @author Sacha Chua (sacha@sachachua.com)
 * @date 22-Feb-2004

public class ReallySimpleAddressBook extends Applet implements ActionListener
    private Button set;
    private Button show;
    private TextField index;
    private TextField name;
    private String names[];

    public void init()
        names = new String[10];
        set = new Button("Set");
        show = new Button("Show");

        index = new TextField();
        name = new TextField();
        Label label1 = new Label("Index:");
        Label label2 = new Label("Name:");

        setLayout(new GridLayout(3, 2));


    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
        if (e.getSource() == set)
            int i = Integer.parseInt(index.getText());
            names[i] = name.getText();
        if (e.getSource() == show)
            int i = Integer.parseInt(index.getText());


6. YASD: Don't cast sleep on the priest!

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Thought I'd help my pet baby green dragons out by casting sleep on the priest. This, apparently, is a Very Bad Idea.

5. CS161 Finals

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The following students are to take the CS161 final exam on Thursday. They can e-mail me at sacha@sachachua.com to find out their pre-final grade and what they need to score in order to attain a target letter grade.
000100 Alindogan, John Marlon J. 4 BS MIS
000146 Ang, Lindsay Ritz T. 4 BS MIS
000257 Balagot, Julyett D. 4 BS MIS
000322 Bautista, Jose Miguel O. 4 BS MIS
000336 Baybay, Maria Margarita F. 4 BS MIS
000459 Cadelinia, Dwight Jr. M. 4 BS MIS
005011 Chan, Jacky T. 4 BS MIS
000612 Ching, James Henry Y. 4 BS MIS
000628 Chua, Aimee Lou T. 4 BS MIS
000822 De Claro, Ada Mae I. 4 BS MIS
000834 De Guzman, Myron Patrick S. 4 BS MIS
990791 Delfino, John Tristan S. 4 BS MIS
001191 Garcia, Miguel Jose A. 4 BS MIS
991211 Irigo, Justin A. 4 BS CS
001469 Kho, Krystle Ann G. 4 BS MIS
991571 Marchan, Allison Lilac S. 4 BS MIS
002032 Ong, Emmanuel I. 4 BS MIS
002050 Ong, Wendilyn Lou O. 4 BS MIS
992113 Sabilano, Jose Leonardo A. 4 BS MIS
981077 Sanchez, Patrick Philip R. 4 BS CS
002477 Santiago, Victor Roberto Manuel O. 4 BS MIS
002478 Santillan, Arthur A. 4 BS MIS
002536 Sembrano, Cyrus V. 4 BS MIS
002601 Songco, Marvin L. 4 BS MIS

4. Exemptions for CS161

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No MIS student qualified for exemption.

3. Fantastic news! Wonderful news! Excellent news!

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We get to postpone finals for juniors in CS161 to the normal time. Wheee! I feel so much better now.

Of course, this gives us time to make really nasty tests... <evil grin> CS students can expect lots of problem-solving, as we're _supposed_ to know this.

2. "View From the Alpha Geek"

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From ACM Technews:

Programmer Rael Dornfest keeps track of IT innovation and innovators as part of his job putting together O'Reilly & Associates' Emerging Technology Conferences. He says the key to understanding technology trends is to find the trend-setters, or alpha geeks, that are widely recognized by their ... http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2004-6/0220f.html#item10

E-Mail from technews@hq.acm.org

1. "Inventors Strut Stuff at Demo Show"

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From ACM Technews:

Dozens of high-tech innovations, ranging from small PCs to blogging tools to "augmented reality" software, were spotlighted at the Demo conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. Perhaps the most incredible product on display was Total Immersion's D'Fusion software, which uses Windows XP hardware to render ... http://www.acm.org/technews/articles/2004-6/0220f.html#item4

E-Mail from technews@hq.acm.org